How to Manage Patients in Two Point Hospital

If you know how to Manage patients in Two Point Hospital, you’ll have quite an easy time, and it’ll be very beneficial. Happy and satisfied patients can increase your hospital’s reputation.

With a good reputation, more patients will visit your hospital. This guide has all the remedies that will help you manage your hospital more efficiently in Two Point Hospital.

How to Manage Patients in Two Point Hospital

Except for G.P.’s offices and wards, diagnostic rooms are not required elsewhere. In addition to the diagnostic rooms, there are other rooms available for obtaining an accurate diagnostic to facilitate the treatment of patients.

Depending on your level of diagnostic expertise, you may require fewer diagnostic rooms than usual. Lastly, patients’ chances of dying increase the longer they go without treatment. It is not necessary to use every diagnostic room available. Some locations do not even require Psychiatry rooms.

To learn more about the patients, please click on their names. By clicking on the patients, you can view the accuracy of the diagnostic. If you are satisfied with just three diagnostic rooms, then so be it; you do not require any more.

Build Diagnostic Rooms Nearby

Patients will move from one diagnostic room to another to achieve an accurate diagnostic percentage. They will then undergo treatment. You will be informed if your diagnostics are inaccurate enough, so you do not need to micromanage. As a result, make sure your diagnostic rooms are located near each other so that patients do not have to walk long distances before receiving treatment.

It’s a good idea to dedicate one plot of land to diagnosis, or at least one side of the plot is too large.

Therefore, patients will receive a rapid diagnosis and can begin treatment immediately, reducing the time they have to spend in the hospital and reducing the risk of them dying before they have received treatment.

Keep an Eye on the Policy Tab

The Policy tab should be checked on the Overview screen. When a patient is diagnosed successfully, check the box that allows them to proceed directly to treatment without seeing their General Practitioner.

Patients will be able to walk less, and G.P. doctors will not feel overwhelmed by patients they already know.

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