Two New Ni No Kuni 2 Mechanics Are Higgledies And “Kingdom Mode”

Bandai Namco has gone into detail on explaining two Ni No Kuni 2 mechanics, the Higgledies that assist you in battle and the Kingdom Mode that players will use to make a new kingdom.

Two new Ni No Kuni 2 mechanics have been detailed by Bandai Namco, showing off two significant parts of the game before it releases in March. These two mechanics are Higgledies and a new game mode known as “Kingdom Mode”. The two mechanics are both big parts of the game, especially the higgledies.

Higgledies are one of the main mechanics in the game, and players will be seeing them a lot as they play the game. Higgledies are little elemental spirits that follow players around during the game. They’ll attack enemies during battle, provide elemental or physical buffs, and open up shortcuts and new areas as you travel through dungeons. Though players might find them annoying at first, from Bandai Namco’s description they’re pretty important!

There are over a hundred different Higgledies to choose from, including Higgledie heroes. Players will have to pick and choose which ones to take into battle for the best results.

The other one of the Ni No Kuni 2 mechanics that players will be using is the “Kingdom Mode”, which is based on the game’s story. The protagonist, a member of the Cat Tribe, has his kingdom overthrown by a coup perpetrated by the rival Mouse Tribe. Kingdom Mode focuses on the prince’s efforts to create a new kingdom, known as Evermore, where all can live in peace. Players will build infrastructure by creating structures and stores to give people jobs, and as you expand your kingdom it can give you new items and Higgledies to use in the game.

Players will likely become very familiar with these new Ni No Kuni 2 mechanics over the course of the game, which comes out on March 23 of this year on the Playstation 4 and PC. If you played Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on the Playstation 3, hopefully you’ll enjoy this too.

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