Twitch Prime Reveals January’s Free Content for Call of Duty WW2

The month of January will see Twitch Prime reward its loyal subscribers with a new batch of exclusive content for Call of Duty WW2.

This firstly includes a Rare supply drop that features three random items, one of which is guaranteed to be Rare. The rest have an increased chance of falling in either the Epic or Heroic category. In addition, members of Twitch Prime will also receive an Epic supply drop that functions similarly and guarantees one Epic item.

The partnership between Activision and the streaming giant was announced last month and will continue through to May. During this time, every single month will bring exclusive content for the members of Twitch Prime. To keep things interesting, the respective content is being tucked away and only revealed at the start of each month. Such took place in December, and again this month. Hence, there is no telling what February shall bring.

Call of Duty WW2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It surpassed $1 billion in global sales by the end of last year and helped the franchise to increase its streak by nine straight years in which it has dominated the regional charts of North America. The latest installment now holds a new record for the biggest console digital launch in the history of Activision.

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