Trick Your Nvidia GPU To Support AMD FreeSync, Here is How!

Nvidia GPUs aren't capable of running this feature but here is how you can trick Nvidia GPU into supporting AMD Freesync.

Freesync is a feature that is exclusive to AMD GPUs that allows for the GPU to display variable FPS without any screen tearing. However, Nvidia GPUs aren’t capable of running this feature but here is how you can trick Nvidia GPU into supporting AMD Freesync.

Nvidia’s Pascal(GTX 10 series) and Maxwell(GTX 900 series) are more than capable of running the AMD Freesycn. However, given that it is AMD’s proprietary tech, it is not supported for Nvidia GPUs.

Here is how you can trick a Nvidia GPU to support AMD Freesync. The method to have a Nvidia GPU to support Freesync is very simple and only requires to switch your rendering GPU.

How Trick Nvidia GPU To Support AMD Freesync

As discovered by Reddit user bryf50, users can change the rendering GPU on the fly without having to physically connect the display to the GPU. However, this only works for the latest World Of Warcraft expansion, Battle For Azeroth.

For this trick to work you need to start the game on AMD GPU using VGA1 and switch to VGA2 (Nvidia GPU) through in-game renderer.

This will allow for the Nvidia GPU to render the game while still supporting the AMD Freesync.

Speaking of the AMD Freesync, AMD has rebranded its Freesync 2 to Freesync 2 HDR and has also increased the minimum requirements for the displays to support this feature.

However, this rebranding caused a confusion among the users as VESA’s DisplayHDR 600 became the minimum requirement for Freesync 2 HDR certification.

However, AMD tried to clear up the confusion in a statement acknowledging the confusion that has been caused by the rebranding.

According to AMD, Freesync 2 is separate from its rebranding and only the display with DisplayHDR 600 will be qualified as Freesync 2 HDR.

Not only that, Microsoft has promised to bring this feature to Xbox One S and Xbox One X and currently this feature is accessible to insiders.

Xbox One would be the first console to feature freesync and would also make sense as it uses the AMD APU.

What do you think of Nvidia GPU being able to support AMD Freesync? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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