Xbox One X And Xbox One S Will Soon Support FreeSync Displays

Microsoft has been supporting Xbox One by introducing new features and now Microsoft has revealed another feature coming to Xbox One X and Xbox One S and that is FreeSync Display support.

Microsoft has revealed that it plans to introduce FreeSync Display support for Xbox One S and Xbox One X. For those who don’t know, FreeSync eliminated the screen tear and support dynamic refresh rate, however, users are required to have a TV or monitor that supports FreeSync.

Freesync technology helps get rid of tearing and stuttering while gaming, enabling the display and Xbox One to work together to create a smooth and seamless gaming experience. Freesync allows for a supported TV or monitor to synchronize its refresh rate with your console.

Given that Xbox uses the AMD APU, it makes sense that Microsoft would allow it to support FreeSync and this would be the first time a console to support such a feature.

In related news, there have been many speculations and predictions regarding the next Xbox and PlayStation 5 and according to Simul Software founder Roderick Kennedy, PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox will make a “big move” towards procedurally generated games.

I anticipate a big move towards procedural content in the next generation or two. The generation of content is not limited by computing power, space or even bandwidth so much as the human capital that’s expended in creating it.

Furthermoer, the Xbox exclusive Halo: The Master Chief could potentially come to PC but that will only happen once the Xbox One issues have been fixed, according to 343 Industries.

At the moment we have nothing to announce about it, but we know that there is something that many people have been asking for and wanting for many years, and we can tell you that at present our goal is to improve the Master Chief collection. for Xbox and we still have a lot of work to do about it – no announcement to make, except that we have heard you loud and clear

What do you think of Xbox One X and Xbox One S supporting FreeSync? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Xbox

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