AMD Increases Its Minimum Requirements For Monitors To Receive “Freesync 2 HDR” Certification

Freesync is one of the features that are exclusive to AMD GPUs and AMD has renamed its upcoming Freesync 2 to “Freesync 2 HDR” and not only that, AMD has increased the minimum system requirements for displays to get “Freesync 2 HDR” certification.

Speaking with PC Perspective, AMD confirmed that it has renamed its Freesync 2 tech to “Freesync 2 HDR” and also revealed that the minimum requirement for a display to receive certification for Freesync 2 HDR as also been increased.

As noted AMD’s representative, in order for a display monitor to receive certification, it has to have HDR600, 99% coverage of BT.709 and 90% coverage of DCI P3 color spectrum. However, the minimum response time required was not revealed.

HDR600 is an improvement over HDR400 which was the minimum requirement for the Freesync 2 certification program and with Freesync 2 HDR, AMD seems to be enforcing the use of HDR600 as a minimum requirement.

Speaking of Freesync, Microsoft is also looking to introduce the Freesync to Xbox One S and Xbox One X and currently, Xbox insiders have access to this feature.

For those who don’t know, Freesync is AMD’s proprietary tech and eliminates screen tearing during gameplay while allowing to play games at variable framerates.

Xbox console supporting the freesync makes sense as Xbox uses the AMD APU and this would be the first time a console to support such a feature.

However, testing the freesync capability of Xbox revealed variable results depending on the game. The functionality was tested on Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, The Vanishing of Ethen Carter, Hitman 2016, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy 15 and more.

But, given that Freesync isn’t available as a usable feature for the public, there is still time for Microsoft to iron out the kinks and perfect it.

What do you think of AMD increasing the minimum requirement for Freesync 2 HDR certification? Let us know in the comments.

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