How to Get Golden Route Ending in Triangle Strategy

The Golden Route is one of the four possible endings in Triangle Strategy. With each choice resulting in a different...

The Golden Route is one of the four possible endings in Triangle Strategy. With each choice resulting in a different ending, Triangle Strategy offers a lot. We will show you how to get Golden Route Ending in Triangle Strategy in this guide.

How to Get Golden Route Ending in Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy consists of four different endings depending upon what choice you make, and each ending leads you to a different unlocking.

Golden Route is one of those four endings in Triangle Strategy, and mostly it’s considered the True Ending.

To unlock this ending, you must perform a few choices during particular chapters. Below we’ve given the choices you must make during each chapter for the Golden Route.

Certain chapters don’t require you to pick sides or vote for your choices. For example, from chapters 1-6, 8, 12-14 and 16, you don’t necessarily have to vote to go further into the game. Instead, you’ll simply play without making any choices.

Chapter 7 – A Soul Upon the Scales

During chapter 7, you must either Protect Ronald or surrender him. If you decide to save Ronald, you can’t use fire traps when facing Avlora in a battle.

If you decide to surrender Ronald, you’ll learn about the Fire Traps later on.

Chapter 9 – Dwindling Light

Chapter 9 sees you transporting Illegal Salt. Vote in favor of Sorsley Ende and help him locate the Illegal Salt Trade. This will help you reach Aesfrost and chapter 10: Beneath the Frigid Sky

Chapter 10 – Beneath a Frigid Sky

One of the most interesting chapters out of all. In chapter 10, you must reveal Ronald’s true identity to Svarog. Once done, you’ll get closer to the Golden Route.

Chapter 11 – Oppressions Under the Sun

Your job is to defend Roselle in Chapter 11 despite it further affecting your relationship with Hyzante. Voting in favor of Roselle will help you reach chapter 12.

Chapter 12 – In the Still of the Night

Find Pick Rock, which is Roselle’s Key during chapter 12. If you somehow don’t find it on time, you’ll end the game early.

There are a few steps to finding the key. First, head over to Elder’s house and ask him about the key. Then, head outside and speak to Benedict first, then Frederica afterward. Finally, ask Frederica a favor, and she’ll help you find the ring inside Elder’s house.

Chapter 15 – A Banner’s Worth

Once you’re at chapter 15, select to visit Wolffort and meet Symon, as you come back to Wolffort, Milo joins your party.

Chapter 17 – If Griefs Could Passions Move

Chapter 17 is the trickiest chapter out of all. During this chapter, you’ll have to choose multiple right options in order. These are the answers you must choose:

  • “Greet them with the Wolffort demesne’s wildfire?”
  • “Might Lord Svarog be the key?”
  • “We can expose the truth hidden within the Goddess’s statue.”
  • “They’re of the Consortium.”

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