How to Get Gold and Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

Among the various currencies of Tower of Fantasy that you will use in the game to progress ahead, Gold and...

Among the various currencies of Tower of Fantasy that you will use in the game to progress ahead, Gold and Black Nucleus are probably the most essential ones. Being a Gacha game, the entire game revolves around unlocking new Simulacra and weapons and for those you need these Nuclei. If you are running short on this precious currency, we will explain how to get more gold and black nucleus in Tower of Fantasy.

There are three kinds of Nuclei: gold, black, and red. Gold Nucleus allows you to spin the Gold Nucleus Cache gachas, while Black Nucleus allows you to spin the Black Nucleus Cache gachas. Red nuclei are extremely rare, but they allow you to spin the specialty gacha.

Both Black and Gold Nuclei can be found throughout the game world while doing various activities. It is worth noting, however, that Black Nuclei are more common than Gold Nuclei.

How to Get Gold Nucleus

As aforementioned, the Gold Nucleus is a resource to obtain in-game gear. Now the question is, where can I find it in-game? The answer lies ahead so, read on, to find out.

There are several ways to obtain Gold Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy, all of which are discussed below.

To begin, you can purchase Gold Nucleus in the shop for 150 Dark Crystals. In addition, from the Terminal Story menu, you can complete story missions and claim plot rewards.

Not only that, but the Gold Nucleus can also be obtained by completing achievements and claiming the achievement milestone rewards from the Terminal Achievement menu.

The Gold Nucleus is also scattered throughout the world and can be obtained from various supply pods.

You can also begin your adventure by purchasing Beta packs from the Limited Gift Pack menu in the shop with Tanium or by purchasing the Adventure Pack or Rookie Supplies with real-world money.

What are Gold Nucleus Used For

Once you’ve gotten your first few Gold Nucleus, head over to the Special Orders menu and try out the gacha. You can now select either the Gold or Black Nucleus rolls, or Rebirth of Clemency, which requires Red Nucleus instead.

Only characters and weapons from the Gacha banner can be obtained using the Gold Nucleus. Roll once with one Gold Nucleus for a random weapon and ten times for a guaranteed SR or SSR.

Also, if you complete the gacha a total of 80 times, you will automatically receive an SSR weapon thanks to the pity system.

How to Get Black Nucleus

When it comes to Black Nucleus, there are several ways to obtain it in Tower of Fantasy. For starters, you can open various chests, aka supply pods. You can also obtain some Black Nuclei by interacting with plants and wildlife.

Not only that, there is a higher certainty to get Black Nucleus by defeating certain higher-level monsters. Lastly, Black Nuclei can be obtained through exploration and as rewards for completing missions and accomplishing certain story milestones.

So, simply play through the game and you’ll obtain plenty of Black Nucleus.

What are Black Nucleus Used For

In Tower of Fantasy, the Black Nucleus can be used the same way as the Gold Nucleus. Head to the Special Orders from the menu, there you can choose between the Gold Nucleus Cache and the Black Nucleus Cache. Similarly, to the Gold Nucleus, you can roll once or ten times at once for materials, weapons, and characters.

However do keep in mind that unlike Gold and Red Nucleus, Black ones don’t have a pity system when diving into the gacha mechanics.

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