Tower Of Fantasy Behemoth Locations Guide

Behemoths are highly resistant to physical damage in Tower of Fantasy. Their only weakness is fire-based attacks. Here's where to find them.

Behemoths are named enemies that are stronger than the normal mobs you encounter in Tower of Fantasy. These troll-like creatures use their overgrown hands to slam the ground when threatened.

Behemoths are a challenging fight in Tower of Fantasy. You must bring a fire element-based weapon because that is their only weakness. Behemoths are especially resistant to physical damage.

If you are finding it hard to locate Behemoths in Tower of Fantasy, the following guide will show you where to go.

Where To Find Behemoths In Tower Of Fantasy

Killing a Behemoth for the first time unlocks an achievement. You will also need to kill Behemoths for a chance to loot the Omnium Beast Right Arm, a very rare item in the game, for the Omnium Beast VII vehicle, the drop rate for this item is extremely low (0.5%), so you may need to revisit them a couple of items after they respawn to acquire it.

You can find five Behemoths at five different locations in the game. Take note that there is no daily limit attached to the creature. Hence, you can always find and fight them at all three locations.

  • Behemoth Surtur
  • Behemoth Bergelmir
  • Behemoth Mimir
  • Behemoth Utgarda
  • Behemoth Fárbauti

Behemoth Surtur Location

Surtur can be found south of the Shelter in the Banges region. Follow the coastline in the south until you reach a narrow cliff. There will be a small hut here to indicate that you have reached the right location. Surtur will be around the same hut.

Behemoth Bergelmir Location

The second behemoth is located in the Banges region, close to the farms and west of the Crown Mines. Follow the eastern Banges border through the mountains as shown in the map below. Bergelmir will be roaming one of the mountains here.

Behemoth Mimir Location

This behemoth is located in the Navia region. Make your way to the Seventh Day Forest and search for Mimir close to the ruin. You can set a straight line from Mt. Targus below to the ruin in the north. Now, simply search this path to the north and you will find Mimir.

Behemoth Utgarda Location

The fourth behemoth, Utgarda, can be found in near the coast in Crown. It is located near Lucia, the world boss. To reach it, you can simply move from the crescent shores using a boat, past the Lumina until you find yourself at the mouth of the river and then simply make a left.

Behemoth Farbuti

The fifth and final Behemoth, Farbuti is found near the Navia Omnium Tower, which itself is right next to Cetus Island. From the tower, make a straight dash to the very edge and you’ll reach the Behemoth without any troubles.

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