How Elements Work In Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy pivots its combat system on different elements for their unique elemental properties. Every weapon you find in...

Tower of Fantasy pivots its combat system on different elements for their unique elemental properties.

Every weapon you find in the game will have one element and since each element is unique, it becomes important to understand the properties of all of the elements: their strengths and their weaknesses.

If you are a smart player, you will be packing at least one weapon of each element type at all times. This will allow you to select the right weapon (and element) to use against a particularly hard enemy.

To know the elemental weakness of an enemy, just look at its health bar. There will be an element symbol on the right-hand side. This is the element the enemy is weak to. Hence, switch to the weapon having the specific element and hack away.

Tower Of Fantasy Elements List

There are a total of four elements in Tower of Fantasy, at least in the global version. “Aberration” is technically the fifth element in the game but remains exclusive to the Chinese version. Since the global version is the most easily accessible, we will only be talking about the main, four elements.

  • Fire
  • Physical
  • Ice
  • Volt


The fire element fries enemies to a crip by causing burning damage over time. Enemies on fire furthermore have 50 percent reduced healing, making it a handy element to use against bosses that love to heal back to full health.


When not fighting enemies, fire comes in handy to burn grass around you in the environment. You can also burn thornvines in the world to open the path for bonus rewards.

Best characters for fire element

  • Cobalt B has 15 percent increased fire damage.
  • Ruby has 20 percent increased fire damage with at least two flame weapons.


Physical is probably the best element if you are looking to do massive amounts of damage. However, you will need to have a good command of the combat mechanics in the game.

The physical element does grievous damage to enemies. When your grievous weapon is fully charged, your attack damage will get increased by 100 percent for the next attack. That alongside increasing your overall damage by 20 percent for seven seconds.

You must rely on physical weapons if you are unaware of the elemental weakness of enemies. Physical works on just about all types of enemies, especially on the ones with large health pools.

Best characters for physical element

  • Marc
  • Claudia
  • Lyra has 20 percent increased physical damage with at least two physical weapons


The ice element freezes your enemy for a small period or about two seconds. That may look like a small window but with the right composition, you can dish out tons of damage in the same two seconds.

Do note that your enemy will get 110 percent damage when they recover from the frozen state. Moreover, their weapon charge rate will also be reduced by 50 percent. Hence, think wisely when freezing an enemy. They will get buffed up after two seconds.

Best characters for ice element

  • Saki has 20 percent increased ice damage with at least two ice weapons.


The volt element paralyzes your enemy for a second before electrocuting them for damage over time for six seconds. While electrocuted, the enemy will not be able to receive or apply any buffs.

Some of the high-level enemies in Tower of Fantasy can apply damage reduction buffs on their tanking characters. Using the volt element makes sure that they remain weak for the next few seconds.

Best characters for volt element

  • Nemesis has 20 percent increased volt damage with at least two volt weapons.

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