Game Critic ‘Totalbiscuit’ Passes Away At 33 After Battling With Cancer For Years

Totalbiscuit a famous video game commentator and a Youtuber has passed away today after battling cancer at the age of 33.

Totalbiscuit a famous video game commentator and a Youtube personality known for his popular “WTF is…” Esports series. After a four-year battle with cancer, John Bain has passed away today at the age of 33.

Last month, Bain retired from game criticism due to his bad health condition. Bain was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and was receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment until 2015 when he announced that his cancer was terminal afterward of which he still continued to work his popular Youtube channel which has more than 2.2 million subscribers.

This sad news came from his wife Genna Bain who posted the news this evening on Twitter via her own account and TotalBuscuit account.

Whether you know Totalbiscuit or not, he helped a lot of gamers through his videos in finding out great PC games and always took interest in other gaming related topics. He’s also known for his coverage on Starcraft 2 and PlanetSide 2.

Bain revealed his retirement last month by saying it will be his last update on health.

That will most likely be my last health update, unless some miracle happens or we do indeed find a trial that can do something despite the damage to my liver. I’d ask people not to speculate about how long I might have left. I’ve deliberately left out some details to try and reduce the behaviour, though it might very well have the opposite effect.

He continued by saying that he will continue to look for other methods, but agreed with the fact that there’s not much time left for him, and can not do anything except try to bear the pain and drink more water to stay hydrated.

It’s been a sad year for the gaming industry as earlier this year hardcore Xbox fan Matt aka Xbox Addict passed away.

Rest In Peace Totalbiscuit you will be missed by the whole gaming community.

Veteran Gamer, Trophy Hunter, And a Youtuber.