Totalbiscuit Retires As A Critic Due To His Failing Health

Totalbiscuit a famous video game commentator and Youtube personality is retiring from game critics because his health keeps getting worse.

If you know Totalbiscuit, a video game commentator and Youtube personality then you probably might have heard about his cancer because of which he has decided to retire from game critics.

Because of cancer, he rarely released content and on April 18 was generally hospitalized. On May 1, his post on the current state of affairs was posted on his subreddit. There was nothing good in it as his health problems are worsening.

This is due to very difficult treatment. The critic has already experienced 46 chemotherapy and was plugged into a pump for 138 days. which, unfortunately, did not give any positive effect. Because of liver failure, their effectiveness dropped even more.

He continued by saying that he will continue to look for other methods, but now he agrees with the fact that there’s not much time left for him, and can not do anything except try to bear the pain and drink more water to stay hydrated.

John is trying to make his life as comfortable as possible, in order to transfer pain more easily, since no medicine can help. Therefore, he decided to stop working as a game critic.

He said on Reddit:


I’m under the influence of too many medicines to think clearly, and my schedule is too unreliable to have time to light everything on time.

Does that mean I’m done with Youtube and Twitch? Nope, blokes gotta make a living. I have a family to consider and there’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to what I leave them when I go out kicking and screaming.

TotalBiscuit will not leave Youtube and Twitch. He will try to continue working on his Co-optional podcast and will shorten the time of episodes to 2 hours most probably.

He is not interested in any donations and encourages people to watch his content and support his broadcast sponsors.

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