Total War: WARHAMMER II The King’s Shilling Patch Is Live, Fixed Some Issues

Total War: WARHAMMER II has received The King’s Shilling patch. You can download this update on PC (Steam). You will find that Total War: WARHAMMER II The King’s Shilling Patch has various important bug fixes. Something that stands out in this update is that they addressed issues with raising dead as Vampire Coast factions and fixed a bug limiting the number of mods you can have.

This is the sequel to the Creative Assembly real-time strategy game based on the fantasy miniature universe of Games Workshop for PC. Collecting the rules seen in the board game, this title presented a new campaign, game modes and much more. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Total War: WARHAMMER II The King’s Shilling Patch.

This smaller interim patch addresses some high-priority issues. In particular, several issues have been addressed. We’re aware of further issues which have been reported by players, such as the Doomsphere agent-spawning bug, and we’re continuing to find fixes and improvements for inclusion in future patches.

  • Vampire Coast factions are able to raise dead at sea again
  • Vampire Counts are no longer able to raise dead at sea
  • Battle site markers will now correctly increase the raise dead pool.
  • Fixed an issue which limited the number of mods a player could have
  • Fixed a bug which prevented AI factions from recruiting more than one army
  • Fixed an issue where active ability phase-stat effects were included in the unit stat calculation when gaining an experience level in battle, resulting in units having their new base stats set at incorrect values – this had a notable impact in multiplayer

Here you will find the complete list of Total War: WARHAMMER II The King’s Shilling Patch patch notes. I remind you that Creative Assembly and SEGA’s Total War: WARHAMMER II released on September 28, 2017 for Windows; and on November 20, 2018 for Linux and macOS.

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