Total War Warhammer Economy Guide: Tips to Stabilize Economy For War

Total War Warhammer economy guide with tips and strategies to stabilize economy before you wage the great war against your enemies.

Total War Warhammer players can create massive armies that allow them to have better offense and defense. They can strategically place units across the map to deal with hostile nations, factions, neighbors.

Your Units are controlled by Lords who can be upgraded with skill points to improve their effectiveness in battle. You will also need experience points and chevrons to level up your units. Lords also help keep peace within your controlled provinces, dealing with any rising domestic threats.

A massive army needs a steady flow of funds which can only come from stable economy based on trade and healthy relationships with your allies. Keep in mind that it is Total War, which means in the end all relationship can go down the drain and it could be an all out war.

To handle tough situations, do well in Total War Warhammer,  and manage a massive army, you a need a stable economy.

1500-2000 gold per turn is needed to manage a big army and that is only possible if your economy is stable. Use your resources to build settlements and military buildings to hire Lords and expand units with local as they are cheaper.

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Total War Warhammer Economy Guide

Always keep in mind that whenever you go into a negative value on your funds, you can handle the situation if you have a decent gold reserves so always keep something in reserve.

You don’t want to go into bankruptcy by having no gold in reserve. Some part of your income should always go into reserve to avoid bankruptcy which results in increase of taxes leading to unrest in public and a decrease in army units that would mean you won’t have enough men at borders or to deal with rebels.

Always keep one eye on the treasury.

To maintain public order you need to have lords and military buildings in provinces. Upgrade your heroes and lords so they can handle tough situations with ease.  Avoid using raid marching mode while going through a province.

For a stable economy, a hold over corruption is integral along with having a strong grip on your cities. Shifting control and constant battles within the provinces will drop morale of the public; this will have a negative impact on the economy.

Buildings can be created that can help decrease the level of corruption in the cities they are created in. Lords and heroes have abilities that can handle corruption. Once you have a whole province under your command, you can have appropriate commandments for curroption as well.

Corruption can damage public order so it is best to take serious measures to deal with it. The worse part is that units can have attrition damage while moving through a curroption filled province.

A positive public order, close to 100, should be maintained.

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