Total War Warhammer 3 Slaanesh Guide

This guide will give detailed information about the Slaanesh race in Warhammer 3, covering its units, legendary lords, and general tips.

Slaanesh is one of the Chaos Gods in Warhammer 3. This guide will give detailed information about the entire race in Warhammer 3, from its units to tips on how you can play the Slaanesh faction.

Total War Warhammer 3 Slaanesh Race

Slaanesh is one of the Chaos Gods in Total War Warhammer 3. This race is capable of inflicting severe damage to anyone crossing their path. Below, we have everything you need to know about the Slaanesh race in Warhammer 3.

Slaanesh Units

Slaanesh possesses five main units, out of which one is a Legendary Lord.

Lords & Heroes

Heralds are mini lords or leaders that provide the ally with charge and speed buffs. When used properly, Heralds can change into Exalted Keepers, playing a role of a mini N’kari’s.

In the list of Heroes, we have the likes of Alluress and the Cultist. These Heroes play a major role in providing support to the frontline, making them possess almost the same combat techniques.


Slaanesh is a strength-based race, meaning it needs a powerful infantry at the frontline to deal the maximum amount of damage. The best Infantry for your frontline is the Marauders, as they are the wielders of swords, spears, and other useful weapons.

Cavalry & Chariots

Your primary Cavalry and Chariots are going to be Hellstriders and Seekers. They are probably the fastest unit found in any race. They’re best used as offensive units while the frontline is busy with the Infantry. The Cavalry and Chariots circle the enemy from the sides.

Just make sure not to release both parties to their initial position once the charge runs out. Since both Cavalry and Chariots are weak units, they can’t last long once their charge is finished.


The Fiends of Slaanesh and Soul Grinder are your go-to pick for the Monster units. When all the other units are busy playing their role, Slaanesh Monsters totally assault the opponent with their impressive strength and agility.

Slaanesh Legendary Lord N’Kari

At last, probably the most powerful unit possessed by the Slaanesh race, the Legendary lord N’kari.

The best way to use this lord is by placing him at the back during a battle to cast as many spells as possible. Once you see an opening, use him to enter the main battlefield using charged attacks, then back to casting spells.

Slaanesh Features

Slaanesh possesses quite a useful set of features that can come in handy during a battle. Features such as:


This resource enables the race to create chaotic cults, increasing the unit’s corruption in any faction and making it easy to take over lands and other properties. You can acquire Devotees through Pleasurable Acts, captivities, and quest completions.


Probably one of the most useful features possessed by Slaanesh. Using seduction, you can lower the opponent’s troops into your territory and use them against their own forces.

Seductive Influence

Diplomacy is one of the main tactics used by this race. Once any diplomatic action is performed, it raises the Seductive Influence levels, and once it reaches its maximum point, Slaanesh will offer monetary tribute for future battles.

Gifts of Slaanesh

These are debuffs applied by Lords and Heroes upon an encounter with a Slaanesh army, raising the Seductive Influence of a particular faction.

Battle Mechanics

Upon killing an opponent with negative means, the unit gains extra battle currency, which you can further spend on abilities such as Fascination, Narcissism, and Sweet Sorrow.


Direct Damage, DPS: 63-125, Rampage, Infinite Range, Duration: 23 seconds, Cooldown: 90 seconds.


Hex, target is unable to move, Infinite Range, Duration: 13 seconds, Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Sweet Sorrow

Augment, Speed +25%, Vigor -3%. Range and Effect, Infinite Range, Duration: 20 seconds, Cooldown: 120 seconds.

Strategies to Play Slaanesh

  • Slaanesh is unlike any other Chaos God as this race is capable of engaging in Diplomacy rather than cold-blooded wars.
  • Using Cults and Diplomacy, this race can make other factions into vassals.
  • Additionally, using Disciples as your main attackers can work like a charm when using the Slaanesh race.
  • You can also Seduce the opponent’s troops into fighting their own army by spending Divine Favour.

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