Total War Warhammer 3 Nurgle Guide

This Total War Warhammer 3 guide will cover complete details about Nurgle including the best units, legendary lord, gameplay mechanics, and tips.

Nurgle is the Chaos God of pestilence and represents all that is decay.  This Total War Warhammer 3 guide will cover complete details about Nurgle including the best units, legendary lord, gameplay mechanics, and tips.

Total War Warhammer 3 Nurgle Race

The gameplay of the Nurgle race is very representative of disease spreading throughout the land and slowly debilitating all in its path. Its slow but deeply strategic gameplay makes running Nurgle a rewarding and unique experience. However, this also means that they are quite difficult to play properly.

Below, we’ve outlined some important tips, units and mechanics to help you get to grips with the Nurgle Race in total War Warhammer 3.

Best Nurgle Units

Investing in your starting army is very important and here we will tell you about some of the best Nurgle Units available for you.


Nurglings is a tanky and adorable unit that can do both poison and magic attacks. These can be very difficult to kill. You can use these soldiers for absorbing damage and taking out enemies.

Soul Grinder of Nurgle

This Nurgle unit is known for its durability and range damage dealing capability. They are used for ranged battles as well. Its basic purpose is fighting in ranged battles.

The Soul Grinder of Nurgle is often considered the best soul grinder unit because of its armor-piercing missiles.

Rot Flies

This is a cavalry unit that moves very quickly. This unit is a combination of both the units given above since it does poison, magical, and armor-piercing attacks.

As you already know Nurgle has slow speed so that unit compensates for its speed very much. This can be used to threaten enemy artillery. They serve a role quite similar to Plague Drone at a cheap rate.

TWW3 Nurgle Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Different unique gameplay mechanics for Nurgle are given below.


Infections are currency that you are going to need for summoning the Plague Cultist Hero in Warhammer 3. You can get this currency by different means like spreading Plagues, sacking settlements, and battles. You can also get it from cultist buildings.

Nurgle’s Settlements Buildings

Nurgle’s Settlements buildings will automatically grow with time and supply units to your requirements tab. This will also strengthen their effects and once they reach the max tier they will die. This will start the circle in which they will again get back to their base tier and grow again.

This mechanic works very well with unit recruitment. You can quickly build units that can battle whenever you want. This may impact your income as well. For a quick supply of units, you can look for Infrastructure buildings.

Plague Cauldron

This is a fun mechnaic where you’ll be matching and mixing various diseases. You can unlock many symptoms via Technology Tree.

When it comes to Nurgle’s most pdevestating recipes you can find them at the end of Cauldron. But for that you first must unlock all other components.

Nurgle’s Cultist Buildings

These building are used for generating Infections. As you know, churning out swarms of Plagues is quite important for Nurgle so it will increase the significance of cults.

These will serve as your shelter but if region grow well then Refuge will be a better option.

Nurgle Legendary Lord

Ku’gath Plaguefather is the Legendary lord of Nurgle. Ku’gath is the tankiest and most defensive behemoth that will absorb large amount of damage during fight with extremely strong lord skills and spells.

It has effects like Halved Infection cost for Lord’s army that is very useful during the early game as it is difficult to get Infections at that time.

The second effect it has is increased Nurgle corruption in local provinces that is very useful with low impact. The third and last effect of this lord is it will increase chances of plague spreading for Lord’s army that synergizes very well with the Nurgle’s Playstyle.

For Ku’gaths you will need to level up a lot of skills so you can take full advantage. Below we have mentioned all the important skills that you will need to level on Ku’gath.

  • Unholy Resilience
  • Children of Nurgle
  • Fleshy Abundance
  • Blight Boil
  • Arcane Conduit
  • Pestilent Decay
  • Pustulant Abundance
  • Lord of Stench

Nurgle Gameplay Tactics and Tips

If you’re new to Total War Warhammer 3, it’s not recommended you run the Nurgle race as they’re hard to use and easy to play wrong.

On a campaign map, getting into safe battles and building up your economy slowly is the way to go. You are going to struggle a lot without your Infrastructure building so first focus on this building so you can have a quick supply of units.

For understanding the Nurgle’s campaign you will need to focus on Plague Cauldron. You can use his different maladies for taking out strong enemies. But you will first need to acquire Infections.

You can keep a Pop up right from the start of the game and that will strengthen your Nurgle corruption and provide you with required growth.

You will need to invest heavily into your starting army as in the latter part it gets strong by itself but at the start you have to invest a lot in it.

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