How to Disable Chaos Rifts in Total War Warhammer 3

This comprehensive guide will cover complete details about how you can disable Chaos Rifts in Total War Warhammer 3.

Chaos Rifts are basically the way you enter and exit the Realms of Chaos in Warhammer 3. This guide will cover complete details about how you can disable Chaos Rifts in Total War: Warhammer 3.

How to Disable Chaos Rifts in Total War Warhammer 3

To disable the Chaos Rifts in Total War: Warhammer 3, you will first need to download the RPFM zip file from the GitHub link given below.

Before starting the disabling process, first, you should create a backup. This will help you if this method does not work for you or you made a mistake.

Create Backup

For creating the backup, go to the steam folder, and inside that, you will find the steamapps folder.

Open the steamapps folder and then enter the common folder. Inside this, you will find the Total War WARHAMMER III folder.

Open that folder and get into the data subfolder inside this. Here you have to locate data.pack file and copy it. You can paste this file to any new folder and use it for backing up in case something goes wrong. You can simply replace this file with the file in the data folder to reverse the changes you made.

A Single line location of file you have to locate is steam->steamapps->common->Total War HAMMER III->data->data.pack

Or you can also just delete the data.pack file from the steam folder, and after that, verify your files from steam. This will re-download this file, and your game will work fine again.

Extract the Downloaded File

Once done with creating a backup, you have to extract the downloaded file, and it would be better if you copy and paste it in some other folder before running it.

Run Application

After that, you have to locate the rpfm application in the folder and run it. You may get a warning, but you can run this file anyway. Once the application is running, you have to open the data.pack file. The location for this file is already mentioned above.

Now click the PackFile tab and select the Preferences option. You can simply select it by pressing Ctrl+P. A screen will pop up, and you have to select the Settings tab on it. There you have to tick the checkbox that Allows Editing of CA PackFiles. Save changes, and you will get access to PackFile folders.

Edit Script

Now you will need to locate the script folder by scrolling down. To get to the required file, you have to select the folders in the order given below.


Inside the realms folder, you have to select the wh3_realm_common.lua file. A code file will be open for you. Click on it and press Ctrl+F and enter rifts_duration. This will take you to line no. 98 that has rifts_duraion. You can enter 1 after = sign, and below that, for rifts_cooldown you can enter 999.

After that, save this file, and Chaos Rifts will be disabled for you.

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