Total War: Warhammer 2 Corruption Guide

Total War: Warhammer 2 Corruption Guide to help you learn all about different states of Corruption, Public Order, and tips on countering Corruption.

In this Total War: Warhammer 2 Corruption Guide, we will guide you on Corruption. Corruption is one of those bad influences that may occur in your settlements due to bad control and wrongly planned constructions.

With the help of this Total War: Warhammer 2 Corruption Guide, you will know exactly how you can counter Corruption and run a settlement smoothly.

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Total War: Warhammer 2 Corruption

Corruption is a bad element in Total War: Warhammer 2 and you must try your best to stop it from spreading to dangerous levels across your provinces. Corruption causes the social order to reduce and your armies will start to shrink for that specific province.

In addition, if the Corruption reaches a very high level and they decide to rebel, your army belonging to that province will come under the control of the faction that initiated Corruption.

To check the levels of Corruption in your state, you can select the province tab. Here you will be shown the level of Corruption across that specific province.

Corruption can be of four different types depending on how much it has spread in the province. The first state is No Corruption, which means that the province is free of any type of Corruption.

Other than this, Corruption could be Chaos, Vampire or Skaven Corruption. The Corruption starts at a very small level and then it gradually increases in the province.

You must keep an eye on the Corruption level in the province and take the necessary steps to ensure that the Corruption is not spreading in the province.

If a corrupted province’s public order decreases too much, then instead of a regular rebellion, a Vampiric, Chaos or Skaven uprising will happen.

The effects of Corruption are negative for almost all the faction except for two factions. Cult of Pleasure and Skaven are two factions, which get positive effects from increased Corruptions in their provinces. These corruption-spreading factions tend to have bad relations with others.

For Cult of Pleasure, Chaos Corruption is beneficial while the Skaven benefit from Skaven Corruption. Both of these factions thrive on Corruption by reduced social order.

Another interesting mechanic of corruption is that certain army stances can safeguard the army against attrition and corruption.

Those factions which do not spready any corruption themselves are affected the most. Their public order is affected and if the total corruption goes above 50%, they even take attrition damage.

Corruption usually spreads when certain armies, items, heroes, commandments, buildings, followers or character skills appear.

Untainted Corruption

Untainted means there is zero corruption. Usually, factions which don’t spread any corruption have commandments, buildings or even certain character abilities which boost the untainted levels of the faction.

Untainted Factions

All of the following factions spread untainted instead of corruption.

  • The Empire
  • Bretonnia
  • Dwarfs
  • Wood Elves
  • High Elves
  • Tomb Kings
  • Lizardmen

Even though Skaven spread Skaven Corruption, they also spread untainted. Majority of Dark Elves spread untainted as well, but they didn’t make the list due to Morathi’s Cult of Pleasure who spread Chaos corruption.

Chaos Corruption

Chaos Corruption makes the land go gray, opens up lava rifts from the surface and spawns evil shadows in the province. The sky will be seen as red in the battle maps and ash will fall down from the sky. It even makes the ambient sound of the game more sinister.

All of the following factions spread Chaos Corruption.

  • Beastmen
  • Norsca
  • Warriors of Chaos
  • Cult of Pleasure (Subfaction of Dark Elves)

Chaos Corruption is boosted when the armies and settlements of the above factions appear, and even some specific character abilities can increase it. Chaos Corruption is innately high in provinces having a Chaos Wasteland.

Norscans and Warriors of Chaos can build a statue of the Chaos Gods which causes Chaos Corruption to increase in provinces close by.

The following character trait can be obtained if you stay in a Chaos-corrupted area for too long.

Insane: Melee Defence -15, Public order -5, Weapon Damage +20

Vampiric Corruption

All Vampire Coast and Vampire Counts factions spread Vampiric Corruption.

Vampiric Corruption imbues the map with a blueish-gray hue, and then starts to kill of the trees. It spawns ghosts and you’ll hear some screams and houls in the ambient sound.

If they’re in a province with low Vampiric Corruption, attrition damage will be dealt to the Vampire Counts armies.

Vampire Corruption is spread by some special Vampiric Counts buildings which start a large open fire. Vampire counts armies and heroes also help in spreading Vampiric Corruption.

Skaven Corruption

All Skaven factions spread Skaven Corruption.

Skaven Corruption doesn’t have that big of an effect on the appearance of the map. All it does is spawn a couple of Skaven burrows and bits of warpstone.

Unlike the other types of corruption, Skaven does not deal attrition damage when it gets to 50% and it negatively effects the race which spreads it. This means that the public order for the Skaven will be decreased. It can go down to –5.

The Menace Below can be used more (without costing any food) if there’s a high level of Skaven Corruption in a province.

A negative trait called ‘Skaven Denial’ is created by high corruption in non-Skaven lords. What this trait does is give the lord a +1 public order bonus (local province) but also grant a –15 leadership penalty battling Skaven.

This trait completely nullifies the leadership skills taken by the enemy lord. This can be countered by either totaling more than 15 or getting rid of the trait by wasting multiple turns in an uncorrupted region.

The following character trait can be obtained if you stay in a Skaven-corrupted area for too long.

Skeptic: Public order +1, -15 leadership when battling against Skaven

How to Counter Corruption

You can counter Corruption by numerous ways. You can build additional structures in the province making it more under your control. You can also upgrade to new and better technologies.

Lords and Heroes present in the area also play a big role in handling Corruption so make sure that you have Lords and Heroes with good abilities in your provinces.

There are also some special commandments that reduce the levels of Corruption in provinces. Issue such commandments and you will lower Corruption in that province.

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