Total War: Three Kingdoms Reform Trees and Branches Guide

Your main goal in Total War: Three Kingdoms is to conquer China and bring it under one administration. Although it is very much impossible because only your faction that is craving to do so.

The game features a lot of wars between factions every turn and whoever has put in the best strategies has got the best chance on conquering the land step by step. This is why you need to always be focused on stepping up your game in whatever spaces that you can.

In order to win the wars, you have to strategize ahead of the game. To help you with this, you have Total War: Three Kingdoms Reform Trees. These help you in planning your administration, be it the passives of your faction, the buildings, and the units. It has all!

Total War: Three Kingdoms Reform Trees

You get a chance to add a “Reform” to your faction after every five turns. In this chance, you have to select a Reform for your faction that is going to benefit you in a particular situation.

You do not have to wait for every five turns to finish and then be taken to the Reform Tree. You can press “4” and can get access the Reform Page yourself.

When you enter the Reform Page, you are going to see trees that will have some branches and on those branches, you are going to see some flowers attached. The blossomed flowers on the branches show your development in the game.

Each time you unlock a reform for your faction; a flower will blossom and grow on the tree. Your goal is to unlock all the reforms that you can and blossom as many flowers as you see fit.

Reform Branches

There are some important and useful branches that are featured in the game. The branches will help you in strategizing your game. The branches that you need to know about have been detailed for you down below:

Resettlement Incentives

Increasing the population growth of your faction has its own important role in the game. This tree allows you to construct buildings in order to increase the population of your settlements.

Although increasing the population will cost you some money as you would have to construct buildings for them then food supplies and some characters require money from your economy while on the game so only if you have money in your vault you should go for this tree.

Growing of population will also increase the generation of your taxes and your gross peasantry income including other advantages as well.

You need to have a Farm Laborer Camp so you can open up the Provincial Iron Tool Forges branch in order to add more people in the cities. This is one way of expanding your settlements.

Regional Commissioners

In order to win the wars that are wage by you or against you, you need to have military support. You need to create army troops who are skilled in conducting wars and you have to give them the military weapons to increase their chances of winning those wars.

When you hire army troops, it costs you money and then the upkeep of the army and the army units causes a dent in your economy.

You have to be economically stable to be able to get these army troops under you as well as having weaponry for them. This tree reduces the recruitment cost of your army to eight percent. Gaining access to this tree will give you access to the military buildings and the military markets as well.

Currency-Based Economy

This tree is going to be the problem solver of your faction if you gain access to it. The game requires you to have a lot of money in your pocket in order to maintain the military, population growth, food, tax generation, etc. Therefore, you need to have your pockets full almost all the time.

This tree allows you to have access to the buildings in your settlements that will help you generate money. You will want to go to the Guide to Estate Management branch you increase trade influence as well.

Bureau of Banditry

You need to have the Leader Prestige in order to show how much political power your faction has and how seriously other factions take you as a leader. This tree allows you to overcome the factor if you have weak administration.

The tree helps you in gaining additional Administration Buildings for your settlements and increases your Leader Prestige.

Increasing the Leader Prestige helps you in becoming more influential, increases the assignments you receive, increases the number of spies you can have and greatly boosts your trade agreements.

Liu Bo, Private Tutors, and Foreign Envoys

This tree has benefits that boost up the benefits from your above trees. You gain access to more spies; you get expanded archery units and get notable buildings under your faction affecting your army, wars, and economy.

This branch is great if you want to wage a war so you can send a number of spies to the different faction who can either bring you information or make underground networks or even destroy the factions or can kill the Faction Leader and welcome you as the leader.

The archery units can expand the units for your army that will give you support in the military section of your faction.

Other than this, you can also check out and expand your reforms by selecting them from the Reform Page. Some reforms will benefit you greatly almost instantly as you choose them while the other might not benefit you that greatly on the start.

This does not mean that you should not choose them as in the end; all the reforms are going to help you in planning and boosting your faction.

All of these take part in strategizing and planning to choose the branches that have not been touched yet and blossom flower on these as well. The game is a long period of hard work and tactics so you better choose and apply all the things that you see fit.

This is all we have in our Total War: Three Kingdoms Reform Trees Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know!