Total War: Three Kingdoms Battle Types Guide – Ambush, Encampment, Land, Siege, Resource Battles

When you start playing Total War: Three Kingdoms, you will encounter a battle type where an army attacks and defeats a settlement to advance far into the region. All the wars in Total War: Three Kingdoms are organized in different categories, each having its own significance and value.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Battle Types

This Total War: Three Kingdoms Battle Types Guide features all the different battle types that you will have to encounter and engage in, in the game. Knowledge of these different battle types is beneficial, as it will help you strategize and triumph on the battlefield as war is not just a senseless act of violence.

1. Ambush

In Ambush Battles, you break formation and remain hidden while waiting for the enemies to appear. The enemies will be in an unfavorable position because they will be taken by surprise. This gives them a strategic and tactical disadvantage.

To succeed and triumph in an Ambush Battle, you have to promptly get rid of all the enemies that is hard because your formation is broken. To defeat an ambush, your best bet will be to prioritize your army and fallback to the nearest extraction point.

2. Encampment

Encampment Battles start when the enemy attacks the army that has the Encampment Stance. The defense army deploys troops within the walled wooden encampment. There are only a few entry points with armed troops present but fortified towers with archers are also there.

3. Land Battle

Land Battles take place on open lands between two armies. They start when the Generals challenge each other to a duel or the armies plot against each other to eliminate the opposition or make them surrender.

Land Battles take place on many different terrains wherever there is open land. The terrain helps control and aid in strategies and attacks as well as the deployment of different units.

4. Resource Battle

Resource Battles take place in Towns, Farms, Mines, and any resource center where minor settlements of a country produce enough resources to benefit the attacking army. These settlements suffer from the calamity and destruction that war brings.

The Country or the Town provides barricades and deploys Garrison Troops for the defense of the people in the settlement, in case of war.

5. Siege Battle

A Siege Battle arises when a large guarded city or settlement, under the capital of the defensive army, is attacked by the enemy forces.

The attacking army gets resources from the panel to build Siege Equipment. After besieging the city to carry out their attacks, the walls break down over time so the army can penetrate the city. The city can defend itself using its artillery to cause damage to the attackers and use barricades to fortify their walls.

After the enemy settlement has been invaded by force or surrender, you need to rebuild the city for all the damage caused to the infrastructure and buildings during the siege.

Various results can come about… the defenders can simply give up and surrender or charge against the enemies to make them fall back and end the siege.

These are all types of battles in Total War: Three Kingdoms. If you have anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know!

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