Total War: Three Kingdoms Character Relationships – Generals, Maintain Good Relationships, Negotiations

Character Relationships is a major factor of Total War: Three Kingdoms. The relationship between Leader, General, and you greatly influence how they manage to fight in the battles, manage the situation, and assignments. These relationships affect how the negotiations take place and the negotiations affect the General and the bonuses that your Faction Leader gets.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Character Relationships

Character relations can be viewed in the “Relation” tab in the Character Panel. If a character fights the same battle for a longer time or holds a position near battles or Administrator Office of the Commandery, it affects his relationships with other characters.


Generals play an important role in approving or disapproving the way you handle negotiations. You have to check whether they approve.

It is possible that some Generals might agree on the way you are handling the situations or wars while some might disagree and disapprove on the way you are treating the other factions. Their approval is shown when they have a green tick (?) on their character and the disapproval is shown with a red cross (x).

It is necessary to keep their opinions in point, as it affects the way they fight alongside you in the battles. If they get dissatisfied, they might leave your empire and join another faction which will not result in your favor.

You have to keep the Generals close and provide them with bonuses and try to lean a little in their favor to keep them from getting angry and turning rebellious.

Character-Character Relation

Characters form relationships when they attend the same events. Over time, the relation is built and it depends on whether the battle is won or lost and the role of the character.

The relationship is not always good and if the characters have a big red cross (x), this means that they are not on good terms. If one character has a trait that the other does not like then this creates disharmony.

However, if the characters like each other’s traits than those characters build respect for each other and are in harmony. These characters have a tick (?) between their speech bubbles.

The character becomes either friends or rivals and soon that changes into more powerful relationships that are either Oathsworn or Nemesis.

If a character has a friend in either his army or the enemy’s army, he will act according to that and both characters gain defensive bonuses. Likewise, if the character has an enemy in his or the enemy’s army, he will act accordingly which will be more aggressive and will gain bonuses in his fighting abilities.

As a Leader, you have to respect the characters relationships. If you kill a friend of your character from the enemy troop then this will cause them to rebel and turn them away from your faction to join another faction.

They can also show their anger by coming after your faction and try to eliminate your faction. Character relations are very important and you have to make sure that they are going smooth down the road whether they are a relationship.

This is all we have in our Total War: Three Kingdoms Character Relationships Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know!