Torchlight 3 Best Relics Guide

Relics in Torchlight 3 grant you certain powerful skills and powers. Our guide will detail them all to help you best utilize them.

Relics in Torchlight 3 are ancient wonders that can grant you certain powerful skills and powers associated with that Relic. Currently, there are five relics, namely Bane, Blood Drinker, Electrode, Flaming Destroyer, and Coldheart. Our guide will cover each and every one of Torchlight 3’s Relics to help you best utilize them.

Torchlight 3 Best Relics

How to unlock Relics

The first and the foremost step is to go through the tutorial quest where you will defeat the boss in the Fields of Unrest- The Chasm.

Go to your first after this quest, and you will now be able to build a reliquary in your fort, allowing you to unlock and equip relics.

Unlocking a Relic costs 24 ember cores. Enemies and bosses drop these cores as you defeat them. At a time, your character can equip only one Relic.

For ALTS, the cores are not required to be spent. Remember that you will have to unequip the Relic you want to upgrade in your ALTS


Relics can be upgraded by gaining XP, which will increase your own level and hence the Relic through the Relic skill point. After the 10th rank, an additional boost will be provided too.

A Relic’s main ability is unlocked by default, while additional perks are to be unlocked individually. As soon as the Relic reaches level 5, an additional skill will be unlocked.

The passive skills for the relics are unlocked at levels 10 and 15, respectively, with two upgradable boosts. Finally, the final passive skill will be unlocked at level 30.

Let us go through each Relic in detail now.


This is a Poison relic and it’s the first of Torchlight 3’s Relics to be unlocked. It protects your character by diverting the enemies towards the Spiderlings you spawn using the Relic.

The main ability of this Relic is Miasma that has a 55% chance to poison and 50% weapon damage for 4 seconds.

Furthermore, the Poison storm cloud does a DOT effective for 50% weapon damage and finally +25% buff for all enemies.

  • Critical Striker: Increases critical hit chances while Bane is active to max 25%.
  • Increased Toxicity: Increases chances to poison enemies’ on-hit while Bane is active up to 100%.

Active skill: Venomous Maw, allows you to Summon an ancient spider spirit that moves forward in a straight line, which causes 140% weapon damage on impact along with 140% weapon damage DOT, which is effective for 4 seconds.

  • Deadly Maw: Damage increase for Venomous Maw.
  • Endless Maw: Lower Cooldown for Venomous Maw.

Passive 1: Spread of Death allows you to Hit a poisoned enemy and has a 35% chance to spawn missiles, causing an additional 45% damage.

  • Deadlier Bolts: Increases the damage of spawned missiles.
  • Kiss of Death: Increased missile spawn chance.

Passive 2: Eight-legged Allies which gives a 40% chance to spawn poison spiderlings upon killing a poisoned enemy and you can have up to six spiders that last 10 seconds.

  • Egg Clusters: Increased spiderling summon chance.
  • Arachnid Army: Number of spiderlings that can be summoned is increased (+1 spider per rank-up).

Passive 3: Contagion allows Miasma to be now spread to enemies.


This is an ice type Relic that also serves as protection around you. This Relic also comes with some valuable and useful active and passive skills which will be described below.

The main ability of this skill is to cast a snowstorm around you for 8 seconds, freezing nearby enemies for 4 seconds with 50% to chill and 20% chance to freeze along with 5% chance to buff

Active skill: Glacier can Knockback enemies and chills them for 2 seconds and also does 75% weapon damage. It also serves as a barrier for 6 seconds. Best use is to wall off enemies coming from entrances. This is not effective against bosses

  • Edged Surface: Increases Glacier’s damage.
  • Quick Frost: Reduces Glacier’s cooldown by 5% per rank-up.

Passive 1: Freezing Touch which increases the chance to freeze the enemies you hit.

  • Thicker Ice: freezes enemies for a longer period.
  • Cold Snap: increases the chance to freeze enemies that hit you.

Passive 2: Ice Golem, increases 15 % chance to summon an Ice Golem upon killing a chilled enemy that lasts for 20 seconds.

  • Slow to Thaw: increases the lifespan of the Ice Golem.
  • Golem Chance: Increases the chance of summoning an Ice Golem.

Passive 3: Ice Age that causes icicles to drop around you, causing 40% weapon damage.

Flaming Destroyer

This Relic mainly focuses on causing exponential damage. The main essence of this aggressive Relic is fire!

The main ability of this Relic is to Slam a flaming sword down on enemies causing 125% weapon damage along with 50% chance to burn and 50 % chance for DOT upto 4 seconds.

This also causes a 20% damage buff to surrounding enemies.

  • Sharper Blade causes +5% critical hit chance per rank-up when Empowering Smash is active.
  • Ignition Source increases 5% chance to burn enemies per rank-up while Empowering Smash is active.

Active skill: Sword Smash that results in Slamming a flaming sword in front of you that burns enemies for 200% weapon damage.

  • Destroy More – Increased Sword Smash damage.
  • Destroy Faster – Reduced Sword Smash cooldown.

Passive 1: Magma Burst increases the Chance to cause a burning enemy to explode upon hitting them and also does 45% weapon damage.

  • Lingering Blaze: Exploding enemies leave a burning trail that has a 60% DOT effect.
  • Fear of Flame: Increases the chance to fear enemies via Magma Burst by 5% per rank-up.

Passive 2: Firestorm increases the Chance for fireballs to drop on enemies with 40% weapon damage.

  • Firestarter: Chances for Firestorm to trigger increases.
  • Smolder: Increases the damage of Firestorm’s triggers.

Passive 3: Reign of Fire that allows, Flaming Destroyer’s Empowering Smash activation and unleashes a rain of fireballs.


Electrode is the most brutal of Torchlight III Relics. It allows you to cause explosive damage if you have the right weapon, like a legendary weapon that can cause a debuff on enemies and then generate lightning strikes or stuns.

The main ability of this Relic is firing multiple Shockwaves around you, causing a whopping 125% damage and shocking the enemies for 8 seconds.

  • Shocking Strikes: Increase shocking chances while Shocking Burst is activated.
  • Brutal Intent: Increases critical hit chances while Shocking Burst is activated.

Active skill: Localized Storm that allows you to Summon two ionic storms that dealing 190% weapon damage and has a 25% chance to stun enemies.

  • Stronger Storm: Increases the damage of Localized Storm.
  • Quicker Storm: Reduces the cooldown if the said Storm.

Passive 1: Lightning Strike increases 10% chance to call down a lightning strike upon hitting a shocked enemy and also does 100% weapon damage.

  • Increasing Charge: Increases the Lightning Strikes proc chances.
  • Fried: Allows the Lightning Strike to stuns enemies for 1 second.

Passive 2: Violent Burst that increase 40% chance to unleash shock bolts that deal 125% weapon damage.

  • Deadlier Bolts: Allows Bolts to do higher damage.
  • Unleashed Energy: Effectively Increases the proc chance of Violent Burst.

Passive 3: Lingering Charge that enables the Electrode to summon additional storms to occur, doing 150% weapon damage and shocking enemies for 4 seconds.

Blood Drinker

This Relic primarily focuses on draining the enemy’s health and also allows your character to occasionally heal up a bit. This Relic is best for slow, laggy, and close encounters.

Perhaps, it will work best with a melee type character like Railmaster. The main ability is to Cause a Bleed DOT effect for 8 seconds and 100% weapon damage.

  • Blood for Blood: Heals you for a small percentage of your health upon killing.
  • Bloodletter: Increases bleed chance while Blood Frenzy is active.

Active skill: Spinning Blade Summon blades that cause 25% weapon damage and makes monsters bleed for an additional 25% DOT over 6 seconds.

  • Heavier Swing: Increase damage for Spinning Blade.
  • Faster Blade: Cooldown reduction for Spinning Blade.

Passive 1: Rupture, increases chance to make a bleeding enemy explode on hit by 10% and does 45% weapon damage in a small area.

  • Volatile Blood: Increases chance to Rupture enemies.
  • Open Wound: Increases Rupture damage.

Passive 2: Blood Pools which gives 15% chance to spawn a Blood Pool upon kill a bleeding enemy which in return heal you for 5% of your total health.

  • Blood is Life: Results in +5% healing from Blood Pools per rank-up.
  • Blood Spill: Results in 5% chance to spawn an extra Blood Pool per rank-up.

Passive 3: Boiling Blood that can Rupture the enemies for the Blood drinker’s initial activation until the effect ends.