Tomb Raider Stormguard Sanctum Puzzle Walkthrough Guide

The Stormguard Sanctum is the fifth tomb that can be raided by Lara in Tomb Raider. It is found in the Summit Forest, north from the Hunting Lodge camp (second part of the forest).

The tomb itself will have toxic gas on the main upper level. Lara’s health will slowly deplete while in contact with the gas, ultimately killing her. You should try to spend little to no time in the gas-filled zone.

Make sure to light up the torches, as spotting the walls and barrels (particularly the upper floor ones) can be a little difficult.

Requirements: You’ll need a Climbing Axe and Fire Arrows in order to raid the tomb.

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Stormguard Sanctum Walkthrough
When you reach the camp nearby, activate your survival instinct. You’ll notice a wall that you can shimmy on, but can’t go up because of some barrels. Down below is a torch that you can light up.

Use your fire arrows to make those barrels up there explode. Once you have done so, light up the suspended torches there. You’ll notice some gas emerge. Use your fire arrows on it, and you’ll have another explosion. Look on the side to see a wooden wall. Climb up to find a platform, which has a plank extending up front.

Go on the plank, and look to your right to find another hanging torch. Light it up for better visibility. Straight ahead is a wall with some more barrels on it. Shoot the barrels to clear the path, and then jump on the wall and start climbing it.

You’ll see another torch. Light it up, and then move forward to the ledge. You’ll see another wall you can climb on. Jump on it, ascend, and go to the end of the tunnel to find the treasure chest, which contains the treasure map.

Experience Reward: 1250 XP

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