Todd Howard Believes in Taking Risks, Playing Safe Doesn’t Work

Todd Howard has revealed in a interview that he doesn't like playing it safe and it's the worst way to things and he's happy with the games being made.

Todd Howard has won the Industry Legend Award which tells us about how successful he is. In short, Howard is a genius and his games Fallout or Skyrim speak for his abilities.

He was present at E3 and he introduced a lot of different games which has made the gaming community more excited then it ever was. Todd Howard is a great director and continues to progress further by doing more games like the ones announced at E3 which includes Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6, though no one has any idea when the game will release or what platform will it come on. It’s also been rumored to release on next-gen consoles.

His vision is different and he doesn’t like to play safe. In a recent interview with VentureBeat at Gamelab, he said.

The idea is to keep being ambitious. … Playing it safe is the worst way to do things. [The Elder Scrolls III:] Morrowind was hard. It was our first time on console. If it didn’t do well, the company was probably out of business. [The Elder Scrolls IV:] Oblivion was really difficult. We really pushed the tech. I liked that line in the movie Shakespeare in Love: How is this going to work out? I don’t know, but it always does.”

He clearly likes to do things in a different way by not playing safe and thinking out of the box. He also mentioned that he’s really excited about the current position of games in the gaming industry which is really important to have.

The team thought about Starfield for 10 long years and after Fallout 4, they started to work on it and it’s whole new experience made from a scratch. With Starfield there’s no going back to, Howard said.

Interestingly he also plays Fortnite for research and is more interested in VR instead of AR which is the reason they did Fallout and Skyrim in Virtual Reality.

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