Bethesda’s Starfield Gameplay Details, Release Date, Trailer, Map, Everything You Need to Know

What do we know about Bethesda's Starfield gameplay, setting, map, and everything else?

This year at E3, Bethesda has finally confirmed the long-rumored sci-fi game, Starfield. Bethesda showed a short teaser trailer and confirmed that the studio is working on a next-gen title. We have collected everything there is to know about the game and compiled it here in this article for you.

The teaser trailer, however, is very important because it does not only reveal the game but it also reveals a new IP from Bethesda after 25 years. Since it has been so long since we saw a new IP from the company, we can be sure of their commitment to quality.

During their E3 conference, they revealed the following teaser trailer for the game.

Starfield E3 2018 Teaser

The teaser trailer shows a planet with a satellite revolving around it. Something launches from the planet in the space, then there are bright lights in the sky, and everything vanishes in a quick flash. This could show that the thing that launched from the planet was a spaceship and it entered warp speed to travel to another planet system.

Starfield Gameplay Details and Speculation

The Starfield is a single-player sci-fi RPG set in space. This could mean that they are potentially working on a title that could be like Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous. It could also be going along the lines of Mass Effect franchise.

Both directions are excellent but if they are indeed following Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous, then it would make more sense because they offer more freedom and more exploration options. Their worlds are huge as well, spanning across a multitude of galaxies and each featuring planets where the player can land as well.

Since Mass Effect follows a linear path for the story with set scripts for most of the missions, Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous give players complete freedom to make their own space empire. At this point, Bethesda has not revealed much information about the game so we can only guess what they are planning about the game.

Starfield for PS5 and the Next Xbox

Another important aspect of the game is that it is a next-gen title, which means that it will not see daylight until the next generation of consoles. This means that the game has a long way to go and an estimated launch date could be 2020 or 2021 when the next generation is finally launched.

Bethesda has been super quiet about the game apart from revealing the name some time ago and only showing a short teaser at this point which only confirms the existence of the game. It tells us absolutely nothing about the potential game story or other game mechanics.

Currently, we have no confirmed release date about the game. Since the game is aiming at the next generation of consoles, we are not hoping for a release date at any time next year or even the year after it. This could be a launch title for the next generation of consoles or could come after some time has passed after their launch.

We hope that Bethesda reveals more information about the game soon. As more information is revealed about the game, we will continue to add it here in our article. Make sure that you keep checking back here for more information about the game.

Let us know in the comments section below about how you feel about the new IP from Bethesda and are you excited to finally see the teaser trailer for Starfield.

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