Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Swordsplosion Location Guide

In this guide we will help you get your hands on the sword firing shotgun Swordsplosion in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

One of the most beloved weapons in the Borderlands series is the Swordsplosion, and the great weapon makes a huge return in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Swordsplosion is a Legendary Shotgun manufactured by Torgue in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Swordsplosion is not locked to a single elemental type. It can be found in all the elemental types, including Fire, Lightning, Poison, Frost or Dark, or even one without any of these. You can collect all the Swordsplosion types and make your own neat collection.

Where to Find Swordsplosion in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The weapon is dropped as loot from the boss LeChance. The chances of the weapon dropping are low, and hence you’ll need to farm the boss before you can get your hands on the weapons.

To find the boss, just keep on progressing in the story until you go to the Wargtooth Shallows in Wreck of The Tempest’s Scorn. Unlike some of the other Legendary weapons and items, Swordsplosion is not found as a random loot anywhere else in the world of the game.

You can kill the boss as many times as you need to get the weapon for yourself. If you are struggling with the boss, you can use any weapon with frost elemental damage on it, as LeChance is weak to frost. You might also want to bring in some AoE attacks as the boss is accompanied by his skeleton army.

Swordsplosion Stats and Buffs

Swordsplosion is a shotgun, and hence powerful at close range and the damage falls as the distance is increased. For Swordsplosion, the range isn’t an issue. The Swordsplosion can shoot exploding swords with its primary fire. These swords will explode on contact and deal high AoE damage.

In Alt-fire mode. Swordsplosion has the ability to launch a sword that sticks to the enemies and increases all your damage by 30%. When you reload, the sword that has struck the enemy will explode, damaging them and launching them into the air. Basically, you can hit all the enemies at a distance, switch to a pistol or anything and deal additional damage, so simply reload to blow them up.

Other attributes after upgrading the weapon, like additional projectile per shot and reduced weapon sway make Swordsplosion extremely effective and deadly in close to medium range combat, as the higher shot count allows you to hit enemies easily.

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