Thymesia Can You Defeat Varg In The Tutorial?

Varg is a looming knight who you will face during the tutorial section as the first boss of Thymesia before...

Varg is a looming knight who you will face during the tutorial section as the first boss of Thymesia before returning for a second encounter later in the game.

Take note that just like the tutorial bosses in most Souls or Souls-like games, Varg is designed to kill you. You cannot defeat him. The most you can do is deal just enough damage to empty his first health bar which will unlock the “You Shall Not Pass!!!” trophy/achievement in the game.

The following guide will show you how to pummel Varg for the said trophy/achievement in Thymesia.

How To Defeat Varg In The First Encounter

Varg is simply there in the tutorial section to give players a feel of what fighting the main Thymesia bosses is like. While you will not be able to completely defeat him until he shows up again later in the game, you can survive long enough to unlock the aforementioned trophy/achievement for bragging rights.

Varg has four main attacks during the fight. Familiarizing yourself with these attacks will help you stay alive long enough to land some hits of your own.

Being a tutorial boss, Varg is actually not that difficult to fight. He has reduced mobility and his attack animations are slow as well, most of them having a wind-up animation to warn you beforehand.

  • Slash + Overhead Slam: Varg slashes his weapon before following with an overhead attack.
  • Double Slash: Varg slashes his weapon twice.
  • Overheard Slam+ Slash + Stab: A lethal overhead slam, followed by a weapon slash and a stab.
  • Back Dash + Slash + Stab: Varg dashes away before charging at you with a slash and a stab.
  • Back Dash + Jump Attack: Varg dashes away before doing a lethal jump attack.

The following are some tips and fairly easy strategies to help you dodge Varg’s attacks.

Run in circles
Patience is key here. Keep running in circles around Varg and let him initiate the attack first. Adjust your camera in a way to keep a close eye on Varg.

Additionally, you are strongly advised to not lock onto Varg. This will make it difficult for you to avoid his attacks.

Dodge his attacks 
Varg will most likely charge a jump attack from the opposite side of the arena or he would run onto you and swing his Big Sword.

If he jumps, sidestep it; if he swings directly at you, dodge away; and if he approaches closely, double dodge (press the sidestep button twice) to fend off his attack and create space for yourself.

Strike and retreat
After the second step, Varg stops, leaving himself vulnerable to an instantaneous assault. Varg’s white health bar can be quickly drained with 2 or 3 quick swipes from your saber and then dodge away when he charges at you. Your “Claw Attack” will be very efficient if you find Varg wounded. Charge on him and dash away.

Use Potions and Feathers
Once Varg is wounded, distance yourself from Varg and use one of the three healing potions to regain health. If you notice that Varg’s health bar glows green when he is wounded, throw a feather at Varg to prevent him from recovering his health.

Rinse and repeat
In a nutshell, run in circles and dodge his attacks. Land in a hit when you see him vulnerable and quickly retreat. Use your potions and feathers and keep running around the arena.

You must repeat all of the steps until you have empties his first health bar for the trophy/achievement.

How To Fight Varg Without Replaying The Tutorial?

When Varg kills you in the tutorial section, you will automatically be sent forward to Philosopher’s Hill to start on the main storyline. There is no way to return to the tutorial arena for another round with Varg for the trophy/achievement hunt.

You can always create a new save file but then you must play through the entire tutorial until reaching Varg. If you die again, you must create another save file, making it a rather cumbersome process.

The trick here is to force-exit Thymesia as soon as the death cutscene starts after dying against Varg. If you are on a console, open the dashboard and close the application. If you are on PC, the old fashion Alt+F4 will do it.

Start your Thymesia game again and load the same save file. You will spawn just outside of Varg’s arena. However, you will have almost zero health. Just take a short trip back to the tutorial beacon to regenerate your health bar and then fight Varg again.

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