How To Defeat Varg In Thymesia

When you start your playthrough of Thymesia, the game will put you up against a giant Knight boss named “Varg” during the tutorial section. This fight with Varg will help get you acquainted with the controls and mechanics of the game.

But that won’t be the last time you see Varg in your Thymesia playthrough. You will encounter Varg again later on in the game; and this time, he’ll be significantly more powerful.

To help you prepare for the Varg boss fight in Thymesia, we’ve prepared this guide for you where we’ll be showing you where to find Varg, how to defeat him and what rewards you can earn from the fight.

Where to Find Varg

After your first encounter with Varg during the tutorial of Thymesia, you’ll face him again once you reach the Hermes Fortress zone. The Hermes Fortress is the third zone in Thymesia, so you’ll get to enact your revenge on Varg very soon after the tutorial.

How to Defeat Varg in Thymesia

The Varg boss fight in Hermes Fortress will be split up into two phases. This may seem intimidating, but keep in mind that only a few small changes occur in the second phase.

Before we dive into the strategy you need to use to defeat Varg, let’s take a look at Varg’s moveset and the ideal talents, weapons and stats you should have for this fight.


Varg Moveset

  • Sword Strike and Slam: Varg strikes at you with his massive sword then quickly performs an Overhead Slam.
  • Double Sword Strike: Varg performs two quick strikes at you with his sword.
  • Dash-Jump Attack: Varg dashes away from you then quickly jumps up in the air to perform a Jump Attack.
  • Dash-Strike-Jab Attack: Varg dashes away from you then quickly performs strikes with his sword. He then ends the combo with a deadly jab.
  • Overhead-Strike Attack: Varg performs an Overhead Slam attack then quickly strikes at you twice with his sword.

Recommended Loadout

For your stats, you should focus on leveling up your Vitality. You should have your Vitality at 5 or above to be to deal with the crazy damage output of Varg.

For your Plague Weapons, you should bring a bow. Varg’s biggest weakness is his slow speed, so a bow plague weapon is the best choice of weapon for this fight.

For your talents, you should invest in Precise Deflect and Long Dodge to be able to deflect and dodge Varg’s attacks. You should also get Long Claw and Sabre’s Claw Claw to increase your damage output against Varg.

Fight Strategy

Now that you know the loadout you need to bring to this fight, let’s dive into the strategy for your second fight against Varg in Thymesia.

The first phase of this Varg boss fight will be pretty much a carbon copy of the fight you had with him during the tutorial.

The only real difference this time around is the battlefield. The place you’ll fight him in will be much smaller as compared to the tutorial arena. This will give you less space to move around, so you’ll need to be careful with your movement.

Varg has very powerful attacks, but they’re also quite slow. This will give you a lot of room to dodge/deflect and then punish his attacks.

Do note that his dash attacks are much faster than the rest of his moves, so keep note of the attack indicators to prepare yourself to dodge the attack.

If you brought a good bow to this fight, you’ll be able to bully Varg around during the first phase of the fight. Just keep your distance from Varg and spam away at him with your bow.

Once you’ve depleted Varg’s health bar, the second phase of this boss fight will begin. The biggest change in this phase is the aggressiveness of Varg. Varg will now be significantly more aggressive. This means that there will be less time between his successive attacks and he’ll also start combo’ing different attacks together.

Another big change will come in the form of Varg’s Ultimate Attack. When the second phase begins, Varg will immediately glow red and then perform a roar.

If you get hit by the Ultimate Attack, it will stun you temporarily, leaving you completely open to attacks. If you get stunned, make sure to spam your dodge button so you can roll away the exact millisecond you recover from the stun.

Varg will now perform this Ultimate Attack periodically for the rest of the fight. But luckily, all you need to do to dodge the attack is simply run backward.

Now, to defeat Varg in the second phase of the fight, you have to master the art of parrying. Since Varg will be incredibly aggressive now, your bow-spamming strategy will become futile.

You’ll have to get up close and personal with Varg and take him down with your melee weapon and talents. And when you’re up close to him, you’ll need to parry all of his attacks.

If you fail a parry and get hit by Varg, keep in mind that it’ll take 4-5 hits for him to kill you. If you take a hit, you can heal yourself during the break he takes between attacks.

When he’s taking the short break between his attacks, it will be your time to shine. Try to land 3-4 hits on him every time he takes a break from attacking. The best attack for this purpose will be a Sabre attack of your choice.

Keep doing this until his White health bar is completely depleted. You can then start using your Long Claw talent on him instead. This will take his final health bar down in no time, ending the boss fight.

Varg Boss Fight Rewards

Once you’ve defeated Varg in the Hermes Fortress, you’ll obtain the following rewards: