How to Level Up Fast in Thymesia

Thymesia features tremendously brutal and incredibly fast gameplay, so you’ll have to be on your toes to make it through. If you are not cautious at times, you will pay a heavy toll, especially in the early stages of the game, where you may struggle to level up. Keeping these facts in mind, we’ve put together this guide on how to Level Up Fast in Thymesia.

How to Level Up Fast in Thymesia

In Thymesia, leveling up is the sole method to advance and develop into a more resilient and formidable player as there is no other gear to loot and equip. Additionally, you’ll want to level up so that you can get different talents, combat abilities, and game modifiers.

Leveling is however a tedious process and will take a lot of time to progress. You may even become stuck on specific stages for an extended period of time.

In Thymesia, you’ll need Memory Fragments to level up, but there will only be a few available early on, and it will make the progress past the first few stages quite long. Even until the mid-to-late game, you’ll only get a maximum of 200 Fragments per enemy mob, so the traditional route is too slow and will take a long time.

Kill Everything and Repeat

Even with the limited number of Memory Fragments in the early stages, you can get a good number by using this simple yet effective trick. All you have to do is kill every enemy you come across on your way to the final boss or any other predetermined goal.

This will ensure that you obtain enough Memory Fragments to advance at least one level regardless of the level you are playing. When you’re finished, you’ll most likely end up near a Beacon chair.


You must now rest there to respawn everything. Return and repeat the process, slaying all enemies you encounter. This will allow you to pile up a decent number of Memory Fragments.

You might be thinking that this will take a long time, but none of the stages in Thymesia are that lengthy, in fact, even the core story levels only take a few minutes to traverse, so you’ll do just fine.

You can repeat the process as many times as you want and when you feel you have enough Memory Fragments, you can proceed to the boss room for the final fight.

Complete Sub-Quests and Repeat Previous Memories

Once you get through a level for the first time, certain sub-quests will be unlocked. These will necessitate you returning to the zone, but this time to complete new objectives.

These tasks/objectives are randomized, but typical tasks include clearing the zone of hazards, killing a specific boss, and so on. Also, at this point, if you want, you can repeat the main mission as well.

The good thing about Sub-Quests is that they drop more Memory Fragments, but keep in mind that they are slightly more difficult than the initial missions. Also, they can provide additional upgrades for your Potions and farm Skill Shards for boss-specific Plague Weapons.

Unfortunately, there is no other way to amass a large number of Memory Fragments. However, the two aforementioned tips will suffice and let you gain enough experience points to quickly increase your level.

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