They are Billions Beginners Tips and Strategies

In this They are Billions Beginners Tips and Strategies, we will guide you on different elements of They are Billions. They are Billions is a strategy game where you must build your base and defend it against the infected.

Your goal is to survive in a harsh environment with infected continuously trying to wipe you off the map. For survival, you need to ensure that your population is growing, you have plenty of resources and you also maintain a steady army so that when the need arises, you are able to defend your base from attacking infected.

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They are Billions Beginners Tips and Strategies

We have different tips and strategies regarding all the aspects of the game whether it is building an army, surviving out in the wild, managing your base, gathering resources and killing the infected.

Count your Shots
All zombies in the game require a certain number of shots before they go down. Sending enough number of rangers to take them down will greatly help you in taking down their numbers. A normal Zombie will take four shots before dying down.

Therefore, you can simply send four rangers to take it down in a single shot. Similarly, a Fresh or Running Zombie will take around seven shots.

This helps a lot when many enemies are in bound so you can simply use one shot kills to lower their numbers quickly.

Pause the Game while Building
You will be constructing new buildings and structures every now and then. You must always pause the game when you are building new structures or expanding your base.

It also ensures that no enemy will attack during this time and it also gives you an option to delete the under-construction building free of cost if you change your mind after starting construction.

If you start constructing a building without pausing a game and then change your mind later, this will not be free and you will be charged for demolishing the building.

Use Gates to Limit Entry to Base
Using gates can be very helpful in limiting unwanted guests in your base. Gates are not just decorational items; they actually work like gates allowing your units to move in and out without any hassle.

You can build walls around it and easily close of areas so that enemies cannot get it or at least buy you some time to send some troops to that part of the wall where the enemies are converging.

However, there is a downfall to this as the gates can only be used by one unit at a time so your army can get stuck there if you send a huge number of units at the same time.

Destroy your own Structures
Your structures can be infected by the enemy so when you see that happening, command your units to destroy them before the infection problem is complete. However, you should only destroy those structures, which cannot be recycled.

Any structures that can be recycled should be recycled so that you get some resources back. Mostly Tech Buildings cannot be recycled so you can destroy them before they are completely infected by the enemy.

Be Aware of Soldier Noise
Almost every unit except the snipers and the archers generate noise when they fire their weapons. Keep this in mind when you have a single soldier out in the field.

Sometimes it is better to run away from a fight then to die in vain.

When the soldier will fire at a single enemy, the noise will attract all nearby zombies so it will make the fight difficult.

The soldier will be overrun quickly and will die. In such situations, if you are not sure of winning the fight, try to find alternate routes and avoid the enemy if possible.

Maximize the Efficiency of Quarries
A single Quarry can mine from different resource sources at the same time. You can build Quarry and then start mining from different material sources at the same time.

This reduces your power and resource consumption and saves you the hassle of constructing more Quarries.

Don’t build unnecessary walls
If you have just started your game and you are looking to defend yourself by building walls, don’t. It will only waste your resources and will do no good to your future.

You only need a handful of soldiers to defend you at the start. Try to build the necessary buildings first. Walls won’t save you from the madness coming your way.

Build walls and towers at places where it will give you tactical advantage over zombies.

It is better that you know about your surroundings so that you can build walls that will benefit you in the long run.

Know your troops’ abilities and weaknesses
You should be aware of the weaknesses and abilities of your troops and must use these weaknesses to the best of your ability.

Soldiers usually make noise when they kill zombies while Rangers don’t. So, try to use Soldiers to defend your base and use Rangers to scout and for other purposes as they will draw less attention.

Snipers are precise and accurate and have a long range, but they are relatively slow so use them to kill your enemy from the distance.

Try to upgrade your snipers to make them Veterans. Veteran snipers are fast, more accurate and can handle more enemies. Thanatos’s explosive blasts are helpful in destroying hordes

Resource Management
Your main focus should always be Resource Management once you have established your base. You shouldn’t upgrade buildings unless you have to.

Don’t waste your resources on unnecessary upgradations. You must build warehouses around  farms, quarries and mills while Markets near the houses for better resource management.

Similarly, you don’t need Thanatos units until the end game horde appears.

You have to start building Executor Towers and other defensive buildings around day 80 in order to be ready for the final raid. Use Double layered walls at the final chokepoint and you will overcome anything with the help of Snipers and Thanatos.

Expand your colony
Always look to expand your colony as it will increase your resources. Build more houses, markets, warehouses and other buildings if you want to grow.

You must have 2000 colonists before the Day 82. Before expanding, clear out your neighboring areas and Villages of Doom(VOD) from zombies.

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