They are Billions Power Plants Guide

In this They are Billions Power Plants Guide, we will be focusing on Power Plants. In They are Billions, you will be constructing bases and they will require power to run and perform different actions which will all require power plants

We will guide you on these Power Plants and different tactics that you can use for easy management of Power throughout your base. We will also guide you on other structures that work with the Power Plants to deliver power throughout the base.

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They are Billions Power Plants

Power Plants are very important aspect when it comes to building your base. Every building requires power to function and if a building is not getting enough power, you cannot use that building.

To manage this, you need to make sure that power management of your base is very efficient and no building runs out of power.

Power Structures

There are different structures that are used to manage the power supply in your base. These include Tesla Towers, The Mill, The Advanced Mill, and the Power Plant. We will explain each structure below:

The Mill
The Mill has 200 HP and a Defense Life of 50. It will cost you 6 Gold to manage one Mill and each Mill will generate 30 Power for your base to use.

It requires four workers to perform optimally. The resources that you require for constructing one Mill is four Workers, 20 Wood, and 300 Gold.

The Advanced Mill
You cannot construct the Advanced Mill until you have researched it from the Refinery. It is an upgraded version of the Mill. It features 150 Defense Life and 600 HP. It requires you to spend 30 Gold for maintaining one Advanced Mill.

It will provide you with 50 Power and requires four Workers for operating it. It also costs more amount to purchase than that of a regular Mill.

You will need four Workers, 20 Wood, 10 Iron, and 100 Gold to construct one. You can also upgrade a regular mill to an Advanced Mill, which will cost you 10 Iron and 500 Gold.

Power Plant
Power Plant is the most important building in your complete Power generation cycle. It has 800 Health and 200 Defense Life.

It will also cost you upkeep cost of 40 gold. It provides 160 Power Supply and requires five Wood and five Stone to produce power.

Along with these, you also need to have eight Workers assigned to it to work. A Power Plant will cost you eight Workers, 50 Wood, 30 Stone and 800 Gold.

This is a heavy investment for you base so you need to make sure that it is also well protected.

General Power Plants Tips
Command Centers give you energy transfer rate of this and it can be improved if you have a better mayor. Tesla Towers give you energy transfer rate of eight and they require one worker.

Both the Tesla Towers and Mills need to be placed four blocks apart from each other so you need a lot of space to properly manage your Power System.

You will be constructing a lot of Mills as they are cheaper. Power Plants are more expensive so we suggest that you stick to Mills and they can be more helpful in the long run.

Tesla Towers will be spread throughout your base to provide different base parts with power.

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