The Witcher Remake Will Feature Open World

The Witcher remake that CD Projekt RED announced has been said to be an open-world game, unlike the 2007 original title.

One of the biggest bits of gaming news to come out in the last few weeks was the revelation that CD Projekt RED was developing a remake of The Witcher, the very first game in the series and the title that put the studio on the map. Now, we know that it will be bigger than the original, featuring an open world.

The original Witcher featured sort of an open world, mainly in the form of multiple different zones all centered around the city of Vizima and outlying regions like a swamp and several villages. Players could walk around the city at various times of day, with certain monsters appearing at certain times.

The Witcher remake is one of multiple games coming up in CD Projekt RED’s near future, which they announced some time ago. These games also include a Cyberpunk 2077 sequel and another Witcher game developed by a CDPR-affiliated studio, Molasses Flood.

All of this new tech will likely be thanks to Unreal Engine 5, which the game will be developed in. With the huge jump in technology between 2007 (when the game originally released) and now, players will likely be feeling like they’re walking into a whole new world.

An open-world version of the game would likely allow players to move through these areas without loading screens, and might even expand them, though at the moment we have no idea of what all the Witcher remake will be improving on in general.

We can likely expect a similar gameplay change to the award-winning style of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, rather than the turn-based, more complicated combat style of the original, where players had three different sword styles to choose from based on situations.

We might also expect new monsters and enemy types, along with a few subtractions of the game’s less-savory elements, like the infamous collectible cards that Geralt could obtain whenever he slept with a woman (or women).

Of course until we actually learn more about the Witcher remake, all we can do is speculate on what sorts of things the game will include. Otherwise, we know nothing about it, even its release date. But hopefully, with how important The Witcher is to CDPR, they’ll put all the time and care into it that they need.

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