Red Dead Redemption 2 Equipment Upgrades Guide

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can customize a lot of wearable equipment for your weapons. These include the Bandolier, the Gun Belt, and your weapon’s Holsters. In addition to the default versions of this equipment that Arthur Morgan carries, you can get upgrades from the Gunsmith in various towns.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Equipment Upgrades

However, the best Equipment Upgrades don’t come from the Gunsmith. Instead, you need to take on various challenges and reach specific rankings to unlock some of the best variants of these equipment.

You can then purchase unique upgrades for your Bandolier, Gun Belt, and Holster from the Trapper. The trapper is located in Saint Denis permanently (though his mobile store can show up anywhere in the wilderness).

This RDR2 Equipment Upgrades Guide has listed all variations, their prices, and what rank you need to achieve for the respective challenge to unlock them.


Item Price How to Unlock
Explorer Bandolier $34.75 Explorer Challenge: Rank 3
Gambler Bandolier $21 Gambler Challenge: Rank 3
Herbalist Bandolier $30.25 Herbalist Challenge: Rank 10
Master Hunter Bandolier $24.50 Master Hunter Challenge: Rank 3
Horseman Bandolier $17.75 Horseman Challenge: Rank 7
Bandit Bandolier $21.75 Bandit Challenge: Rank 1
Sharpshooter Bandolier $20 Sharpshooter Challenge: Rank 1
Survivalist Bandolier $27.25 Survivalist Challenge: Rank 7
Weapons Expert Bandolier $17 Weapons Expert Challenge: Rank 10

Gun Belt

Item Price How to Unlock
Explorer Gun Belt $31.25 Explorer Challenge: Rank 7
Gambler Gun Belt $18.75 Gambler Challenge: Rank 7
Herbalist Gun Belt $27.25 Herbalist Challenge: Rank 3
Master Hunter Gun Belt $22 Master Hunter Challenge: Rank 7
Horseman Gun Belt $16 Horseman Challenge: Rank 1
Bandit Gun Belt $19.50 Bandit Challenge: Rank 10
Sharpshooter Gun Belt $18 Sharpshooter Challenge: Rank 10
Survivalist Gun Belt $24.50 Survivalist Challenge: Rank 1
Weapons Expert Gun Belt $15.25 Weapons Expert Challenge: Rank 3


Item Price How to Unlock
Explorer Holster $25.25 Explorer Challenge: Rank 1
Gambler Holster $15.25 Gambler Challenge: Rank 1
Herbalist Holster $22 Herbalist Challenge: Rank 7
Master Hunter Holster $18 Master Hunter Challenge: Rank 10
Horseman Holster $13 Horseman Challenge: Rank 3
Bandit Holster $16 Bandit Challenge: Rank 3
Sharpshooter Holster $14.75 Sharpshooter Challenge: Rank 3
Survivalist Holster $19.75 Survivalist Challenge: Rank 10
Weapons Expert Holster $12.25 Weapons Expert Challenge: Rank 1

Off-Hand Holster

Item Price How to Unlock
Explorer Off-Hand Holster $25.25 Explorer Challenge: Rank 10
Gambler Off-Hand Holster $15.25 Gambler Challenge: Rank 10
Herbalist Off-Hand Holster $22 Herbalist Challenge: Rank 1
Master Hunter Off-Hand Holster $18 Master Hunter Challenge: Rank 1
Horseman Off-Hand Holster $13 Horseman Challenge: Rank 10
Bandit Off-Hand Holster $16 Bandit Challenge: Rank 7
Sharpshooter Off-Hand Holster $14.75 Sharpshooter Challenge: Rank 7
Survivalist Off-Hand Holster $19.75 Survivalist Challenge: Rank 3
Weapons Expert Off-Hand Holster $12.25 Weapons Expert Challenge: Rank 7

These are all the RDR2 Equipment Upgrades that you can find in the game. Be sure to let us know if we missed anything!

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