Where To Get White Gull In The Witcher 3

What do you need to craft White Gull in The Witcher 3?

White Gull is quite a crucial ingredient used for crafting different ingredients and potions in The Witcher 3. The potions crafted by White Gull can provide different benefits and buffs to the players, so it’s natural to have it in your inventory.

The White Gull potion cannot be purchased in the game, so the only way you can acquire it will be by crafting it with the required ingredients in The Witcher 3.

That being said, I will share all the details on how you can find the recipe for the White Gull in The Witcher 3 and craft it successfully in this guide.

The Witcher 3 White Gull Recipe Location

The White Gull Recipe/Manuscript can be found randomly from a chest, acquired as a quest reward, or bought from the NPC Herbalist Tomira early on during your playthrough in The Witcher 3.

herbalist tomira location

She can be found in the White Orchard region, and in order to discover Tomira’s location, you will need to liberate an abandoned site. It will be located south of Woesong Bridge and can also be discovered if you travel east from the Abandoned Village. After you have liberated that campsite, it will spawn a random herbalist location on your map.

white gull recipe from tomira

Once that specific herbalist disappears after a few days of meditation then Tomira will resettle in her cabin which is located a little way east of the Sawmill area. You can then visit her and purchase the Manuscript Page: White Gull in The Witcher 3 at a price of 62 Crowns.

Moreover, you can also try your luck checking in at the following locations with NPC Vendors (Herbalist or Alchemist) in the Witcher 3.

VelenMage Keira MetzHalfling Alchemist Otto Bamber
SkelligeMaster Alchemist Gremist.
White OrchardHerbalist Tomira
ToussaintHerbalist in Beauclair (can be found when completing sidequest Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige’s Here)


If you are having trouble finding the White Gull in The Witcher 3, even though you have visited all the herbalists and special alchemists and still have not found it, then you might already have it in your inventory. In your inventory, you can check the Alchemy section and scroll down to the end to the Alcohol section. Most of the time, the recipe for the White Gull will be present there.

Since you can acquire it early on, you may have accidentally missed out on noticing, as the White Gull is easily confused for the Potion section. That being said, you should make sure to check it before you venture out in search of the White Gull in The Witcher 3.

Ingredients Required to buy White Gull and how to get them

ingredients for white gull recipe

After you have acquired the Manuscript: White Gull the next step will be to purchase the required ingredients to craft it in The Witcher 3.

Furthermore, the Ingredients required for crafting White Gull will include:

Ingredients (White Gull)QuantityPrice (Crowns)Purchased from
Empty Bottle(x1)1Herbalist (Tomira)
Cherry Cordial(x1)54Innkeepers, Merchants
Arenaria(x1)2Herbalist (Tomira)
Redanian Herbal(x1)36Innkeepers, Merchants
Mandrake cordial(x1)97Innkeepers, Merchants

Among these 5 ingredients required for crafting the White Gull, Cherry Cordial, Redanian Herbal, and Mandrake Cordial, can be purchased rather easily in The Witcher 3. You can visit different Inns throughout your playthrough and interact with the Innkeepers there, such as (White Orchard, Stjepan Innkeeper at Oxenfurt’ harbor in Velen, Merchant at Crow’s Perch, etc.)  to check their shop to buy these three specific ingredients.

However, acquiring Empty Bottle and the Herb Arenaria can be an arduous task for you when it comes to crafting the White Gull. The reason is that these two ingredients are mostly sold separately, and it will require you to check out multiple merchants to buy them. You can visit the herbalist Tomira and purchase the Empty bottle and Arenaria to complete the ingredients for the White Gull.


Instead of meditating and then visiting each of the NPC Merchants again to buy the White Gull ingredients, you can close their shop tab, and instead of ending the conversation with them, you can reopen their shop inventory to find the items restocked in The Witcher 3.

Potions and Ingredients That Require White Gull

A ton of Superior Potions and Alchemy ingredients require White Gull as one of their main ingredients in The Witcher 3. Using these potions can improve your mutant powers and become more formidable in your fights. This way, you can take on all kinds of enemies and dominate your fights.

Potions that require White Gull

These are the following twelve Superior Potions which will require some quantity of White Gull among other ingredients.

Superior PotionWhite Gull required
Superior Blizzardx1
Superior Swallowx1
Superior White Honeyx1
Superior Golden Oriolex1
Superior Black  Bloodx1
Superior Catx1
Superior White Raffard’s Decoctionx1
Superior Full Moonx1
Superior Maribor Forestx1
Superior Petri’s Philterx1
Superior Thunderboltx1
Superior Tawny Owlx1

Ingredients that require White Gull

You will also require White gull for certain Alchemy Ingredients, which will include:

Alchemy IngredientWhite Gull required
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