The Witcher 3 Velen Secondary Quests Guide

With the exception of Velen: Crow’s Perch, there are a total of 24 Secondary Quests in the Velen Region. The region offers a range of optional quests ranging from saving Merchants from some Wild Animals or Deserters or uncovering the identity of an Allgod.

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The Witcher 3 Velen Secondary Quests

We have compiled all the Secondary Quests available in Velen: Crow’s Perch in our Crow’s Perch Secondary Quests Walkthrough guide.

Velen: Mudplough

Harassing a Troll
Location: Inn at the Crossroads

Head northwest from the Inn at the Crossroads and you’ll come to a forest. Head to the river side to find a bunch of Nekkers swarming a Rock Troll. You just need to slay the Nekkers, speak with Boris the Troll and conclude the mission.

Velen: Greyrocks

At the Mercy of Strangers
Location: West of Mulbrydale near Inn at the Crossroads

Head west from Mulbrydale and you’ll come across three Drowners and some wolves near the riverside. Slay them all and proceed towards shrieks using your Witcher’s Senses.

After you reach the man named John Verdun, you can either untie him or leave him to rot there. In any case, you’ll again find him near northwest of the Border Post.

Bitter Harvest
Location: Scavenger Camp near the Border Post

This is a small Secondary Quest that you can easily fail if you’re not careful enough. Head over to the boggy area near south side of Halver Isle. Talk to a man named Albin Hart and agree to protect survivors from Ghouls and Alghouls.

You’ll have to slay around a dozen of monsters before the mission concludes. Once you’ve completed the mission, return to Albin to collect your reward. Note that if you fail this mission, you’ll not be able to purchase fake papers in Fake Papers Secondary Quest.

Caravan Attack
Location: Marauder’s Bridge

Head over to west of Marauder’s Bridge and you’ll come across a group of low-level bandits attacking a couple of merchants. You simply need to slay the bandits and speak with the merchants to receive your reward and conclude the optional mission.

Deadly Crossing (II)
Location: Lindenvale

Head west of Mulbrydale, and a little north of Lindenvale to come across some guards barring your passage. You can either use diplomatic conversation, pay them 525 Crowns, or use the force to have them clear the way.

In case you decide to pay them 525 Crowns, you’ll receive a weapon called Mourner.

Death by Fire
Location: Codgers’ Quarry

Head to west side of Codgers’ Quarry and you’ll see smoke rising in the distance and some bandits trying to burn an elf. You can either ignore the situation and be on your way or you can slay four enemies, free the elf and fight the remaining enemies.

The captive female elf will also tell you about some hidden treasure nearby. It’s up to you whether you wish to check it out or not.

Fake Papers
Location: Scavenger Camp, Border Post

Head over to south of river near the Redanian Border Post and speak with Shady Merchant near the campfire. After speaking with him, you can either pay him 100 Crowns to pass and complete this optional quest.

However, you can also ask him to lower his price and he’ll assign you with a task: to help his brother-in-law named Albin Hart (check the Bitter Harvest above for more information).

You can simply use Axii Sign Level 1 to have him lower the price. If you already played the Bitter Harvest, but let Albin die; Shady Merchant will not sell you the pass. If you helped Albin live, the Shady Merchant will lower his price.

The choice is yours!

Funeral Pyres
Border Post, Mulbrydale

Speak with a Priest of Eternal Fire near west of Mulbrydale who will ask you to put some rotting corpses to rest. Head to each objective area and use your Igni Sign and the oil that Priest gave you to burn the corpses.

While burning the corpses, you’ll come across an alive man who will tell you about the Priest’s schemes.

After returning to the Priest, you can either keep quiet and accept your reward or kill the Priest and his cronies and loot their bodies to conclude this optional mission.

Looters (II)
Location: Codger’s Quarry

You’ll come across around six peasants looting some fallen corpses. You can either ignore these hostile men or engage them to conclude the quest. A little later on, you can also save them from a bunch of attacking Ghouls.

Man’s Best Friend
Location: Inn at the Crossroads

You’ll come across a Farmer’s Hut on the path between Inn at the Crossroads and Border Post. Slay a Wild Dog outside and knock the hut’s door to find four kids who haven’t eaten for 4 days.

You can either ignore them or show some humanity by giving them Crowns or Food and complete the optional mission.

Thou Shalt Not Pass
Location: Oxenfurt, Western Gate

If you head to the bridges across Pontar River, you’ll notice that both of them are sealed.

However, if you speak to any of the Redanian Guards stationed there, they’ll tell you that a Permission Pass is required to cross to the other side. In order to acquire the pass, you need to complete Secondary Quest: Fake Papers.

Scroll above or use Ctrl + F for more information on how to complete Fake Papers.

The Volunteer
Location: Oxenfurt, White Eagle Camp

Swim across the Pontar River and you’ll come across a camp of wrecked boats with a Troll near it.

After speaking with the Troll, you can either slay the beast and complete the optional mission or deliver the Troll some paint to mark the Redanian Territory for any Deserters.

You’ll need to purchase the Paint in the General Store in Whitebridge and get it to Troll. However, do note that you’ll only be able to purchase the Paint during daytime.

Velen: The Descent

Hazardous Goods
Location: Lanka Estate, Reardon Manor

Near the southern riverside, you’ll come across a man being attacked by a bunch of Ghouls. After slaying the Ghouls in the area, speak with Gert Borel and use your Igni Sign to burn his cart to ashes.

A few days later, you’ll once again come across the same man near east of Reardon Manor, but this time he’ll be suffering from Black Pox. You can end his suffering by burning him and conclude the optional mission.

Witcher Wannabe
Location: Lindenvale

After speaking to Old Man calling you all sort of names, use your Witcher’s Sense to locate the Witcher Wannabe in the cemetery.

Expect a couple of Ghouls and Wraiths to bar your way. Slay them and continue your search into a church. Once you find the Fake Witcher, you can reveal his identity or leave him be – your choice!

However, if you decide to uncover his fraud, you’ll also have to decide his fate.

Looters (III)
Location: Toderas

Like the first two Looters mission, you simply need to find the hostile peasants in Toderas and either engage them or leave them be to conclude this simple Secondary Quest.

The Truth is in the Stars
Location: Benkelham, Dragonsroot Cave

Speak with the Old Sage near the Large Windmill and give him something to eat. After inquiring about your future, the Old Sage will ask you to bring some Dragonsroot.

Head towards the southeast edge and inside the cavern. Once you’re inside, use your Witcher’s Senses to locate the Dragonsroot and return it to the Old Sage to conclude the optional quest after a dialogue.

Blood Ties
Location: Nilfgaardian Central Army Camp

Speak with the Nilfgaardian Noblewoman and offer to find her missing son. Head over to the Quartermaster in the nearby Nilfgaardian Army Camp and question him. At this point, you’ll have certain options:

  • Offer him 100 Crowns as Bribe
  • Use Axii Level 2 Delusion on him
  • Complete Patrol Gone Missing before talking to him

After learning about the lad’s whereabouts, head over to the area between Nilarius’ Farm and Kimbolt Way and use your Witcher’s Senses to identify Cavalry Tracks, Dog Tracks, Human Remains, and some Corpses.

After learning about the death of the Noblewoman’s son, return to the mother and tell her that her son died in battle to complete this optional mission.

Velen: Spitfire Bluffs

Lynch Mob
Location: Near Hangman’s Alley

You’ll come across a group of peasants holding a Nilfgaardian Soldier captive. You can either leave the soldier for the peasants or slay all the peasants and free the hostage since he poses no threat.

Loves Cruel Snares
Location: Condyle

Speak with the weeping girl in the northeast of Condyle and agree to help her. Use your Witcher’s Senses to find the footprints of her fiancé.

A little later you’ll find out that her fiancé has been ripped apart by some Wild Dogs sniffing over his corpse. You need to slay down all the Wild Dogs and break the news to the weeping girl to complete this optional mission.

Velen: Crookback Bog

Deadly Crossing (III)
Location: Dragonslayer Grotto

Head towards west Dragonslayer Grotto and you’ll come across some Nekkers and Deserters in the area. Simply slay them all or ignore them to complete this optional mission.

Velen: The Mire

A Dog’s Life
Location: Drudge

Head towards northwest of Drudge and you’ll come across some stray wolves gathering round a small pup. You’ll see that dog will begin following you around.

Head towards southeast and you’ll have to fight a small group of bandits. Do note that the dog can be killed during this fight. Use your Witcher’s Sense to find the guarded treasure which can be accessed using the key hung around dog’s neck.

Defender of the Faith
Location: Duen Hen, Blackbough, or Byways

This is a simple quest which requires you to fix some religious shrines (you only need to pick up the statue and straighten them up). You’ll the statues in Duen Hen, East Blackbough, and Southeast of Byways Signpost.

After fixing the last shrine, you’ll face off the vandal. At this point, you can either leave him to his chores i.e. destroying religious shrines or tackle him to conclude the optional mission.

Highwayman’s Cache
Location: Boatmaker’s Hut

You’ll come across 3 Bandits near the Wooden Bridge who require your coin for the passage across the bridge.

You can either start a fight with them or tell them you’re Geralt of Rivia which forces them to retreat. After passing through, you need to use your Witcher’s Senses at the bonfire near the Bridge Entrance which will lead you to a hidden treasure.

A Greedy God
Location: Wastrel Manor

Before you start this Secondary Quest, you need to have Eye of Nehaleni. Head over to the southern edge of Wastrel Manor and speak with the couple of peasant there. Head over to the objective area and use the Eye of Nehaleni to reveal some hidden steps.

After you find the Allgod who turns out to be just another man feasting off the peasants’ offerings, you’ll have a number of choices. One thing to remember here is that none of the options change your reward, but you’ll only get XP if you kill the Allgod AKA Sylvan.

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