The Witcher 3 The Price Of Honor Quest Guide

Help a man find his brothers and betrothed.

The Price of Honor is a side quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that takes place in Harviken and Trottheim in the Skellige region. In the quest, Timmon tasks you to investigate the delay his brothers have had in escorting his betrothed from Hindarsfjall back to Harviken.

You can begin The Price of Honor quest by heading to Harviken located in the Faroe Isle of The Witcher 3. You must go to the dock area, where you will find Timmon.

Timmon will share that his wedding is approaching, and his brothers haven’t returned with his soon-to-be wife, Agda. Ulf and Mikkel, the brothers, had to escort her back from Hindarsfjall, and their delay had Timmon concerned.

He will then seek help from Geralt in investigating the matter. Should you agree, you’ll have to head northeast to Hindarsfjall in TW3 to investigate further about the dowry.  

Reach the Northeast coast to investigate

After your conversation with Timmon about the dowry and his bride-to-be, make your way toward Trottheim by heading northeast from Harviken in The Witcher 3. Follow the quest marker and remain on the edge of the land to reach the point faster.

You can choose to fast-travel there, but remember you’ll have to face pirates roaming the area unless you have already dealt with them in the Following the Thread or Flesh for Sale quests.

Once you reach Trottheim, make your way toward Hindarsfjall and take out the Sirens roaming the area. Investigate the place until you locate a woman’s corpse by the shore. This is the bride-to-be who unfortunately met her demise.

To learn more, you’ll need to use Keira’s Magic Lamp to reveal two ghosts lamenting the loss. You’ll discover that Timmon’s brothers had failed to protect his betrothed.

You will also find footprints leading away from the body and will head east. Track their footprints, which will lead you toward a tree where you will find two more bodies.

You’ll eventually determine that both brothers had committed suicide as they were too ashamed to face Timmon. Search the corpses to acquire a letter and a chest key. The letter will tell you that the dowry you are supposed to find for the Price of Honor quest is nearby.

The Dowry can be found if you dive into the water near the dead bodies. Dive and find the shipwreck. You will need the key you found with the letter to open the chest and pick up the dowry, which contains the Gold Diamond Necklace. It can be sold later for a good price or dismantled into iron ore.

Go back to Timmon and tell him what happened

Once done, go back and inform Timmon about your findings. You can now either give the dowry or not mention it at all. Whether you give Timmon the dowry or not in The Price of Honor mission, the choice will have no impact on how the quest ends. If you keep the dowry, you can sell it later if you are a greedy witcher.

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