How To Farm and Craft Red Mutagens in The Witcher 3

This is how you can farm and craft those valuable Red Mutagens in The Witcher 3.

In Witcher 3, Mutagens are used to give special bonuses or add to the existing abilities of the character using them. Each mutagen has a different purpose, and it depends on its color. The rarest form is Red Mutagen, which is why it is highly sought after. You can use it to enhance your abilities or, better, use it to increase your attack damage.

However, since farming Red Mutagens in The Witcher 3 can be a tedious task, we have consolidated the best locations and methods you can use to farm them.

The Witcher 3 Red Mutagen Farming (Early and Late Game)

In the Early game of Witcher 3, Monsters are the only source that can drop mutagens. However, they can only drop lesser red mutagens which can later be converted to red mutagen or greater red mutagen. As there are specific creatures that drop these Red Mutagens, you’ll need to find and defeat those creatures to get your hands on red mutagens. Red mutagens are dropped from:

● Alghoul
● Arachasae
● Devourer
● Drowned dead
● Fiend
● Nekker warrior

Not all of these monsters have an equal drop chance of a Red Mutagen in Witcher 3. Drowned Dead, Nekkers, and Alghoul are three monsters that have a higher chance. Alghoul are sparse in number, and getting any mutagen from them is still rare. For Drowned dead, they have the most chance of having the mutagen. So, if you are looking to farm Red Mutagens in The Witcher 3 from these monsters, you should farm them in the following locations.

Whale Graveyard in Skellige

whale graveyard red mutage farm

The first location is in Whale Graveyard. Here, you will find Drowned Dead in clusters walking around. Kill them and after a few, you’ll get the lesser red mutagen as a loot. If not, wait for a while and visit the area again to find more monsters filled in the area.
Giants’ Toes in Skellige

Giants’ Toes in Skellige

Giants’ Toes red mutagen farm

Giants’ Toes is another great location for Drowned Dead roaming around. Kill them to get a chance of red mutagen dropping from the monsters.

Kimbolt Way in Velen

Kimbolt Way in Velen red mutagen farming

From the Kimbolt way, go east towards the shore to find many Drowned dead littered around. They are easiest to find in this area.

Downwarren in Velen

Downwarren in Velen

In Downwarren, you can find Alghoul which spans at the same place near the hut down south from it. This Alghoul drops red mutagen so try your chance here. You can also rest nearby to have him spawn again. Then, kill him to get the mutagen. Try it multiple times until you get the mutagen.

The Orphans of Crookback Bog in Velen

The Orphans of Crookback Bog in Velen red mutagen farm

Lastly, travel to the Crookback bog in Velen and go a little south to find some Fiends and Arachas. They sometimes drop red mutagens. Their large number also increases the chance of one or two of them having a red mutagen.

Use Monster Nests (Blood and Wine Late Game)

monster nests to farm greater red mutagen

The Blood and Wine DLC offers players a new source to find red mutagens. This is exclusive to DLC, as the locations are in Toussaint. To follow this method, look for Monster nests around Toussaint. This method can give you Greater Red mutagens, which are highly valuable. However, it’s recommended to be around level 34 or more to start Blood and Wine, this method is for late game.

First, find a Monster Nest. You can find them on the map by a monster icon. Once you reach the location, get ready to kill all the monsters nearby. Once they are dead, go to the nest and loot it. Pick up everything except for one item. This can be any item. If you accidentally picked up the last item, you’ll need to load it from the beginning or find another monster nest.

After leaving one item behind, go a little further from the nest and rest for nearly 4 days. You’ll need to meditate five times to cover the time of four days. If done, go back to the nest, and you’ll find some Greater Red mutagens. You can do this process continuously until your limit in inventory is filled. Make sure to leave one item every time; otherwise the cycle will break.

How to Craft Red Mutagens in The Witcher 3

Apart from the drops by monsters, the Blood and Wine DLC also allows players to craft them. You can also get a device called the Mutagenerator that can randomly create mutagens for you.

As for crafting, if you have the Blood and Wine DLC, you can opt to craft them through Alchemy. First, you need to get the recipes for crafting the mutagens. These can be bought from a merchant in Perfumery in Hauteville, Toussaint. Other locations where you can buy red mutagen from are:

● Wine Merchant at Chuchote Cave
● Wine Merchant at Dun Tynne Hillside

He sells formulas on how to turn blue and green mutagens into red and vice versa, although red are rare enough that no one would use them to convert to others.

Once you have the formulas, go to the alchemy tab and check the ingredients needed to craft each one. If you are low on ingredients, you can pay a visit to Corvo Bianco Vineyard for items like Winter Cherries. Another ingredient needed is Rubedo, which requires some items to be crafted.

Red Mutagens using Mutagenerator

Another Blood and Wine DLC exclusive way of getting red mutagens is by getting a Mutagenerator. It is given to Geralt by Regis as a token of appreciation. Once all the main quests are completed for the Blood and Wine DLC, go to your room, Corvo Bianco Vineyard, and check the side table. You’ll find a letter and a box. Inside this box would be a device called Mutagenerator.

The Mutagenerator device can generate random mutagen once it’s fully charged up to 100. To charge it, you just need to fight enemies, and you’ll find the numbers on the device going up. As it hits 100, click on the mutagenerator, and a mutagen will be added to your inventory.

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