The Witcher 2: By The Gods – Stringing Up Sods Walkthrough

Save your friends or they will die in By The Gods - Stringing Up Sods quest.

In By the Gods- Stringing Up Sods quest, you must save your friends without killing anyone in The Witcher 2. You can enter the Flotsam Craftsman district through the large gate to start this quest.

Once you enter the Town square, you will observe a large crowd at a distance. It turns out that the people have rallied to attend a public hanging. Upon reaching the crowd, a cutscene will play, and you will see Zoltan and Dandelion.

One of these is Roche’s informant; he will ask you about your plan to save them without killing anyone.

Find a way to save your friends in The Witcher 2

To save your friends, the first thing that you can do is cause a distraction. Go near the hanging platform, and there you will find the guards. One of them will warn you to step back.

Now, there are two ways this situation can play out. You can either pave your way by fighting the guards directly or intimidate them with the townspeople to start the fight.

Select the dialogue option, which says what’s going on, and the guard will tell you that their charges are debauchery and collusion with the Scoia’tael. For that purpose, they are being hanged as traitors in The Witcher 2 By The Gods – Stringing Up Sods quest.

Geralt will argue with the guard. Then, you can try to rile the people to instigate the guard and go against this public hanging.

Beat the Guard in a Fistfight

The guard will then curse you and tell you to piss off, giving you a proper reason to instigate a brawl with him. You will then have to fight the guard Clover in a fistfight. Once you beat the guard, you must fight the executioner.

Make sure to deliver some nice hits onto the executioner, and you can beat him with relative ease in Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Then Loredo will show up with a couple of guards demanding what the ruckus is all about. Seeing you beating the executioners, he will ask why you are interfering.

You can de-escalate this matter by choosing the correct dialogue choices. After Loredo hangs the thief, he will decide to let your friends go. He will give a speech about the events transpiring and blame the Scoia’tael for the killing of King Foltest.

Then, he will declare a state of emergency and disband the crowd. Loredo will reconsider your friend’s case and tell you to meet him at home.

Visit Loredo’s Place and speak with your friends

You can visit Loredo’s place in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings after dusk. Loredo will then welcome you to Flotsam and take his leave.

This way, you can start another side quest, Indecent Proposal in the Witcher 2. After speaking with Loredo, you can then visit the tavern. All your friends will be seated at a table and enjoying their drinks.

You can go to them and speak with Zoltan and Dandelion, relieved at being saved from a public execution. This will conclude the quest By the Gods- Stringing Up Sods in the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

You will also be able to pursue the quest, The Kayran, after the events of this specific quest.

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