The Witcher 2 Baltimore’s Nightmare Quest Walkthrough

Investigate the rune Smith who has disappeared and you will get to salvage a lot of useful loot.

Baltimore’s Nightmare Quest in The Witcher 2 is associated with the events of another specific story quest called Hunting Magic. You can first speak with Philipa and hand her the bandana during this quest. Then, you can go on about the events of the story quest until you come across a large circular projector.

You can interact with it and access options like Letho’s Dream, Silver Crystal, etc. Choose the second option, and you can observe Baltimore’s Nightmare. In this dream, he will be chased by someone and get killed. This will start the quest; below, you will find complete details about completing it.

Head to Vergen to find Baltimore’s workshop

Once the Baltimore’s Night quest is activated, you must go to Vergen in the Witcher 2. The place is quite easy to find, but you might face some Harpies in the surrounding area along the way. Take your time to kill these creatures, as they are also a decent source for farming orens.

Your current objective will be to find Baltimore’s House, which is situated in Vergen. It should be quite easy to discover, and you will observe some rune-smith dwarves working on the opposite side. Head up the stairs and speak to the dwarf on the right.

Speak with Thorak

He will be called Thorak, previously Master Baltimore’s apprentice. Thorak will welcome you to his home, and you can inquire about Baltimore’s disappearance in The Witcher 2. He will mention that Baltimore had his fears and suffered from Paranoia, which caused him to vanish without a trace.

The search was carried out for a month, but they found no clue to his disappearance. That’s why Thorak was appointed as the new rune Smith and was given Baltimore’s house. Thorak will also permit you to look around in Baltimore’s workshop.

Once you enter Baltimore’s workshop, you can navigate through that place and find a brick wall. Use Aard to destroy this weak wall, and it will reveal a hidden chest behind it. Unlock the chest, and you will collect items such as Baltimore’s directions (x1) and Baltimore’s key (x1).

Read Baltimore’s directional notes

Go to your inventory and read Baltimore’s directions to see if you find any clues regarding his disappearance. Then you can head outside, but Thorak will wait and ask if you found anything in The Witcher 2. Now, it will be up to you whether you want to reveal your findings to this dwarf or lie to him.

It would be better to lie than tell him you found some of Baltimore’s belongings. Thorak won’t be in a happy mood, and this will prompt you to investigate this matter further in The Witcher 2 Baltimore’s Nightmare quest.

After your conversation ends with Thorak, you can exit this place, and you will need to make your way to the burned village. From there on out, you can simply head downhill. This way, you will stumble across the Harpy lair and won’t be attacked during the day.

From there, you can follow the trail until you come across a large wooden altar, confirming that you are on the right path.

Find the Runic Key in the Witcher 2

After a while, you will come across a three-way intersection, so first, you will need to head straight, and this way, you will get to the cliff edges. There, you will discover rocks with the Ingrand’s signs. All you need to do is go in the direction of the arrows and reach the bottom of the quarry.

This area will be reminiscent of the place you observed in Baltimore’s dream, so follow the slope, and you will come across a treasure chest. Open it using Baltimore’s Key, and you will get the Runic key. Now, you must return to that three-way intersection area again.

Head towards the mines

This time, you will need to take the path on your left, and along the way, you will face some harpies. Make quick work of them and continue along the path. You will encounter a ship wreckage on your right side, a crucial point of interest when pursuing the Mystic River Quest in The Witcher 2.

If you look towards the opposite end of the ship wreckage, you will find some wine covering a hidden steel door. Go towards it, open this door, and then head towards the pillar, and there you will find a chest. By opening this chest, it will reveal the following items:

  • Baltimore’s notes
  • Beaver cap
  • Celandine
  • Iron ore
  • Earth rune
  • Fire rune
  • Moon rune

Shortly after that, a cutscene will play in which two other dwarfs will accompany Thorak, and they will confront you. This time, his intentions will be clear, and you can learn that Thorak killed Baltimore in The Witcher 2.

Defeat Thorak and his party

Thorak will make you an offer to let them take the master rune Smith’s notes; if you decline, Thorak and his lackeys will attack you. Since Thorak is responsible for Baltimore’s disappearance, you should refuse his offer and prepare for a fight.

It will be a short fight, and once you have dealt with Thorak and his party, you can loot their bodies and receive the following items:

  • Thorak’s key
  • Blue Meteorite ore (x1)
  • Red Meteorite ore (x2)
  • Yellow Meteorite ore (x1)
  • Iron Ore (x3)
  • Diagram: Hunter’s armor

Rewards for completing Baltimore’s Nightmare quest in The Witcher 2

Now that you have the evidence of Thorak’s murder in the form of Baltimore’s notes go back to Vergen. Once you get near Baltimore’s Workshop, head right from that and enter Cecil Burdon’s place next. He will be seated on a chair towards your left.

After disclosing the details of the matter, Baltimore’s Nightmare Quest will be marked as complete. As part of completing this quest, you will get the reward, including Gwyhyr, 60 Orens, and 300 XP in The Witcher 2. Moreover, the key you obtained from Thorak’s body can also open a chest at his residence. By doing that, you will get

  • Diagram: Robust Yellow Meteorite sword
  • 200 Oren
  • Olcan’s receipt
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