The Sinking City Beginners Guide – Healing, Sanity, Exploration

Getting a hang of The Sinking City is not that hard as the game itself is quite elaborative and not that complex to get your head around. However, before starting the game, you should definitely know about some things that are definitely going to help you during the game. The Sinking City Beginners Guide have some tips for you down below that are going to tell you about the things you should focus on more while on the go.

The Sinking City Beginners Guide

Throughout the game, fast travel points are scattered on the map. You need these to transfer from location to location when in hurry.

To use these portals, you need to unlock them first. For unlocking them all, you have to do is follow your compass. Once you are at a point, you are going to become aware of it through your compass.

When you reach the fast travel point, a notification is going to pop on your screen with the name of the travel point. It means you have now unlocked the portal and it will be available to transfer you from any location.

1. Healing

You will be a human in the game who will be fighting off some pretty dark and tough enemies so damage is a must product of it. You cannot regenerate your health on your own so the game has given you a solution for it i.e. First Aid Kits.

These are syringes that you are going to keep in your inventory. Be sure to take them if you do not want to die in the middle of it. To craft them, you need x2 Alcohol and x1 Coil Spring. You also get these as a reward on completing your cases.

2. Sanity

Your ‘Sanity’ is the next thing you have to worry about! Just like your HP, your sanity can also decrease.

The effect of the decreasing sanity is not much on the game but if you do not increase it, it will start affecting the game by you losing your navigation or vision.

To get your sanity back to normal, the game features Antipsychotics. These are also found in the inventory and taking a shot of it will bring back your sanity. To craft them, you only need x1 Alcohol and x1 Coil Spring.

3. Loot Boxes

Scattered around the world, you are going to find loot boxes that will carry loot like ammo or First Aid Kits inside.

The good part is if you open the boxes, grab the loot and leave the place, the next time you visit the place, you can open the box again to get some more loot. This is very beneficial in the early stages when you are short on almost everything.

4. Flight More than Fight

It is necessary for you to understand that fighting with the monster is eventually going to drain your health and you need to be careful, especially early on in the game when you are short on both health and weapons.

The monsters are, of course, going to meet you at the locations of your cases but you need to avoid them as much as you can until you are stocked on both weapons and health.

5. Swimming with the Eels

Swimming in the water is going to make you face the Eels which are going to attack you almost immediately. There is no way to escape them then and it is going to cost you a lot of your health.

Try to avoid swimming as much as you can and almost everywhere, you are going to find boats to take you across the water.

6. Only Attack the Monsters

Do not go around killing anyone you want to once you get the ammo for it. Killing humans around you will not give you any rewards or XP. In fact, it will affect Reed’s sanity which is going to put you in danger later.

Kill monster when necessary and apart from that, focus only on your cases.

7. Explore

Explore the city as much as you can! Visit all the locations that have a ‘magnifying glass’ icon on it.

Exploring the locations helps you picking up stuff scattered around the city. It also unlocks leads for your cases and exploring locations also gets you a 100%.

You will also get side cases as you will interact with the NPCs. Getting these side cases helps you in earning XP and also rewards you with trophies.

This is all we have in our The Sinking City Beginners Guide. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!