How to Fast Travel in the Sinking City

Fast traveling can be very handing in The Sinking City since the areas can be a tad confusing to traverse through because some of them are submerged in water and the most of the areas, in general, are flooded with buildings. In case you do not know how to unlock and use the option to fast travel in The Sinking City, our guide is here to help.

The Sinking City Fast Travel

The ability to fast travel is made available pretty early in the game. After you visit the Devil’s Reef inn where Charles Reed has a room, you will find the first fast travel point: a phone booth. After interacting with it, it will be accessible on the map.

As for other fast travel locations, they are unlocked in a similar way. There are a couple of them in every district. You have to locate them and just travel close to them so that they pop-up in your map.

In order to find them, take help from your map and HUD. Whenever you are close to any fast travel location, they will be visible on the HUD as well as the map. A compass indicates them.

After you have unlocked these locations, you can travel between them through your map. Simply select any of the locations you want to travel to and press the fast travel key. You can fast travel from any part of the map.

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