How To Install The Sims 4 Slice Of Life Mod?

There is a Slice of Life mod that you can install to add deeper social connections and emotions to your Sims in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 offers a chance to create stories and experiences, and some players crave a deeper level of realism in their gameplay. This is where mods come in, adding new features and mechanics to expand the base game.

The Slice of Life mod, created by KawaiiStacie, is a popular choice for players seeking a more realistic experience. This mod injects features that enhance everyday life for your Sims. From memory and emotions to deeper social interactions, Slice of Life personalizes your gameplay and injects a layer of detail that can feel missing in the base game.

If you want to add richness and realism to your Sims 4 experience, the Slice of Life mod is worth exploring. This guide will equip you with everything you need to know about downloading, installing, and playing with this popular mod.

How to install the Slice of Life mod in The Sims 4?

To get the Slice of Life mod, head to the KawaiiStacie website and download either of the two versions. There is no restriction on downloading a specific version as they belong to the same mod; it’s all about your preference. The public release is stable with all the kinks worked out, while the early access lets you play new features earlier but may not be the most stable. So there are pros and cons of both options.

  • Go to the My Mods tab on their site, select the Slice of Life mod, scroll all the way down to the downloads section and acquire the version you want.
  • You will get a zipped file in your downloads folder; right-click on the file and extract it using the software of your choice.
  • Once the file is extracted, copy the .packages folder and place it inside the Mods folder for the game (Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods).
  • Boot up Sims 4 and enjoy the mod.

The mod folder contains multiple features, and if you want to remove any feature, you’ve got to delete its entire file and the corresponding script file that comes with it. For newbies and novices at modding, we recommend that you DON’T do that, as it can break the mod and/or the game.

If the mod is not running properly, it might be because you didn’t enable the Custom Content and Mods or Script Mods Allowed options in the game options. Toggle them and check the game again. If the mod still doesn’t work, delete the files you copied and repeat the process. You might have missed a vital file.

What does the Slice of Life mod add?

Several added features in the Slice of Life mod make this one of the best mods for roleplaying a regular life. As the name suggests, it gives you a “slice” of a regular mundane life for players who just want to relax and enjoy something slow paced. The added features are as follows:

  • The newly added memory feature. This allows you to remember some of your happiest memories and keep them as special moments. You will cherish them throughout your journey in The Sims 4.
  • A change in your personality: you will like and dislike certain things according to your personality. This seems like how we operate in our lives.
  • Your Sim characters show more realistic features, such as blushing, having dark circles for several reasons, and crying.
  • You can go to parties or invite others and get drunk.
  • Perfumes and Makeup can be used in the mod to attract others toward you and make you feel more confident.
  • You will have more Woohoo options.
  • Better idle animations that include Sims playing with butterflies, blowing whistles, and acting silly in several situations.
  • Female Sims are going to experience monthly periods, making their experience more realistic and painful.
  • Your smartphone options will improve, making you indulge in various acts.

New Features

The Slice of Life mod for The Sims 4, created by Stacy, has recently been updated and reintroduced after a long absence. This mod aims to add more realistic features to the game, such as health, beauty, and alcohol-related features. Here are some of the key features:

  • Health: This feature includes a pooping feature, which can be a bit much for some players, but can be disabled. If a Sim is nearby when another Sim poops, they may react to the smell. Sims can also experience colds, flu, food poisoning, and allergies. They can be contagious and have different recovery times depending on the sickness.
  • Beauty: This feature includes fashion, style, skincare, and dental hygiene. Sims can have different levels of beauty, and their appearance can change over time if they don’t take care of themselves.
  • Alcohol: This feature adds more realistic alcohol consumption and effects. Sims can get drunk and experience different levels of drunkenness, such as happy, gross, silly, and flirty. They can also have different moodlets and behaviors depending on their level of drunkenness.

The mod is still in the early stages of development, so not all features from the original mod are currently available. However, new features might be added over time.

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