The Sims 4 Slice Of Life Mod: How To Install And Play

The Sims 4 world is expanding, and the actively engaged modding community is the primary reason. You hear about many mods and the inclusion of new mechanisms in the game, making the whole experience more fun.

Slice of Life mod was released by the famous mod creators for Sims, KawaiiStacie. Players enjoy deeper connections and emotions while playing The Sims 4 in this mod. Allowing you to develop new relationships and create friendly communities.

If you are getting bored of your normal Sims gameplay, it is time to add some new mods to spice things up. The following guide will tell you all about the Slice of Life mod to add more realistic and social elements to The Sims 4.

How to install the Slice of Life mod in The Sims 4

You can easily download the mod by heading to the KawaiiStacie website. Go to the homepage of the site and follow the steps:

  • Move to the mods page from the homepage, which lies just below the download tab. Click on the Slice of Life mod.
  • Two options are available: “Early Release” and “Public Release”. Go with the Public one, as the early release contains bugs and glitches.
  • Download the Zip file of Public Release and go to your Downloads folder.
  • Use any extraction tool, such as WinRAR, to extract the files.
  • Go to Documents, then to Electronic Arts. Open The Sims 4 and make your way into the Mods folder.
  • Copy all the files you extracted, create a new folder in the game’s Mods folder, and copy all the files. Remember, you have to copy and paste the files. Do not copy the extracted folders into the Mods one.
  • Start your game and go to Other from Game Options. Select “Enable Custom Content” and “Enable Script Mods” in The Sims 4.
  • Now you just have to restart your game and are ready to go with the mod.

What does the Slice of Life mod add to Sims 4?

Several added features in the Slice of life mod make this one of the best mods. You will experience things we usually do in our daily lives. The added features are as follows:

  • The newly added memory feature. This allows you to remember some of your happiest memories and keep them as special moments. You will cherish them throughout your journey in The Sims 4.
  • A change in your personality, you will like and dislike certain things according to your personality. This seems like how we operate in our lives.
  • Your Sim characters show more realistic features, such as blushing, having dark circles for several reasons, and crying.
  • You can go to parties or invite others and get drunk.
  • Perfumes and Makeup can be used in the mod to attract others toward you and make you feel more confident.
  • You will have more Woohoo options.
  • Better idle animations that include Sims playing with butterflies, blowing whistles, and acting silly in several situations.
  • Female Sims are going to experience monthly periods. Making their experience more realistic and painful.
  • Your smartphone options will improve, making you indulge in various acts.

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