The Sims 4 Scenarios Ultimate Guide

Scenarios in The Sims 4 are pre-made settings with numerous outcomes. You’re given a history and a set of requirements to meet. It is entirely up to you how you satisfy this criterion. This guide will explain the Scenarios system thoroughly to make things easier for you.

This guide will cover how to start a scenario, the requirements to play different scenarios, and the Limited Timed Scenarios. We will also cover the rewards for each scenario and tell you how to counter if Scenarios do not work in Sims 4.

What are Scenarios in The Sims 4?

Scenarios have been added to The Sims 4’s official gameplay. This new form of gaming challenge operates uniquely.   Scenarios are tied to each Sim in a family, have their own set of beginning and winning criteria, and are very open-ended, allowing the player to figure out the best method to finish them. Themes thus far comprise Romance, fortune, Skill, and others.

A Scenario can have many different results, both good and terrible, and how it concludes is determined by the choices you have your Sims perform. Once you’ve begun any, an alert will show in the top-left area with a list of possible outcomes, and finishing one will earn you Satisfaction Points. The points may be used in the Rewards Store.

You may also utilize Cheat Codes without repercussions; however, if you’re engaged in the tale, you might want to play it normally. There are two permanent Scenarios and a few limited-time Scenarios that must be finished between specified dates, or they will be removed permanently.

Each scenario provides you with the following information:

  • A brief backstory describing the situation’s conditions and objectives.
  • A Create a Sim (CAS) Requirement defines if you require a particular amount of Sims, ages, or other factors.
  • A goal must be met for the scenario to be completed.

Depending on the situation, these may differ.

How to Start a Scenario ?

For playing scenarios, you must meet the following requirements to play scenarios in the game:

  • The Sims 4  must be upgraded to patch 120 to begin a scenario. At the bottom of the main menu, under “Gallery” and “Options,” you will see what version you’re running.
  • You get to pick which Sims you want to place in the scenario, albeit they must meet certain conditions for the challenge, such as reaching a particular age. Because you can’t enforce a Scenario to a preexisting Household, you’ll have to make new Sims or utilize ones from the Gallery.
  • Each scenario is accessible similarly, but the aim is different. Underneath the “New Game” and “Load Game” buttons is the Scenario button. You may select which one you want to play out from here. When you’re ready to play, click “View” next to a Scenario to see the prerequisites and results, and then pick whether to create a new save or load an existing one.
    You may play scenarios in existing saves, but you’ll have to start from the beginning if you want to enforce the scenario goals to an already existing family.

The first household you build must adhere to the scenario’s exact requirements. Unless the scenario’s rules say otherwise, this usually implies you’re restricted to one Young or adult Sim. Additional family members, such as kids, cats and dogs, or roommates, are not permitted.

After you move in, you may add extra Sims by combining the two households. Unless the additional household members produce a blatant breach of the win requirements, the scenario should not fail.

If you wish to quit playing, change Households, and the scenario should cease. You may also play many Scenarios with various Sims simultaneously and switch between them. However, be cautious when playing limited-time scenarios since you don’t want the last day to sneak up on you for the scenario to vanish before completing it.

Making Money Scenario

Making money is among the two perpetual scenarios, which means you may play it at any moment. It entails your Sim earning their way up from having zero Simoleons to a staggering one million. There are no age or connection constraints, unlike in previous Scenarios. The main purpose of this game is to generate income before your Sim dies.

It is suggested that you pick the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration while making your Sim in Create-A-Sim. Alternatively, they can choose a Fortune Aspiration to access the Business Savvy bonus attribute, which offers better earnings in traditional jobs. Choose Traits that will go well with the work your Sim will be doing.

It’s up to you how your Sim earns money. They may either look for work and climb up from the bottom of their chosen profession honestly, or they can employ cheats to pad their wallets. If you truly want to play the numbers game, the base game’s Tech Guru and the Eco Lifestyle expansion’s Civil Designer have the game’s joint-highest per-hour beginning salary.

The scenario purposefully puts the household resources to zero when your Sim initially moves into their residence. You can’t even pay your bills since you have no money.

As a result, it’s advised that you start with a fully furnished and tiny house to avoid the hassle of acquiring furniture and spending more than you need to. Nonetheless, your Sim needs to get to work as soon as possible since they need to feed.

You may either get them to collect items like fishing or picking plants, or you could toss them in the deep end and force them to work. They’ll earn more Simoleons as their career grows. Ensure you’re also leveling up certain skills for their career; otherwise, they could become stuck and never advance.

You may go as quickly or as slowly as you wish; however if you want to take your time and let your Sim work hard for their money, go ahead. The scenario terminates immediately as they get $1,000,000, regardless of how they got there. As long as they don’t die first, that is. For finishing the scenario, you will receive 5,000 Satisfaction Points.

Finding Love After Breakup Scenario

The other permanent scenario is finding love after a breakup. It’s about two Sims still living together after a breakup, and it’s up to you to make one of those love again after the breakup. To play, you’ll need two Sims. They should be Young People or older and must not be related.

There are three possibilities:

  • A Sim is Soulmates with someone with whom they’ve broken up
  • A Sim is Best Friends with someone with whom they’ve split up
  • A Sim is Soulmates with someone with whom they’ve never broken up

Your Sims begin the scenario after their breakup, still enraged with each other for their failed Romance. They both despise one other and wear red friendship bands on their foreheads. It’s up to you if they can save the Romance or if it’s an opportunity to find new love. You just need one Sim to complete the outcome.

If you want to aim for one of the first two outcomes, give your Sims Romance or Popularity Aspirations. It’s because the Alluring and Gregarious extra features, respectively, make Romantic and Friendly human interactions more successful.

Outcome #1

This is the most difficult of the three possibilities since you must not only build up Friendship to the point that your Sim’s ex doesn’t despise them, but you must also build up Romance.

The ex-lover will initially despise you, and practically every contact will end horribly. They just don’t want to be around you. So simply offer them what they really want and go away. As they say, time cures all wounds. They will have settled down enough to allow you to converse with them without their screaming at you every time you attempt to open your lips after about a day.

First, you must move the Friendship bar from Red to green. After that, it must be built up to the point where you are Good Friends before you may become Soulmates. Using repeated good encounters is the simplest technique to create Friendship without cheating. Enquire how their day went, their interests, and their favorite music. This isn’t a 5-minute job and may take many in-game days.

You can try a Flirty encounter like admiring their attractiveness to boost the Romance meter after the Friendship meter is high enough. If it goes well, try embracing or holding their hand. You can admit your affection to them and perhaps make a move after their mood switches to Flirty. When you’ve had enough of this, you’ll be able to approach them and ask them to be your companion. If you choose, it can even proceed to marriage.

The scenario will be finished when the romance meter gets filled, so even if you’re newlyweds, you’ll probably have some work ahead to fulfill your objective. You will, however, be awarded 5,000 Satisfaction Points once you have completed the task.

Outcome #2

This scenario is identical to Outcome #1, except that you do not have to complete the Romance meter. You begin the challenge, like previously, with your ex despising your guts. They won’t talk to you on the first day without being enraged, so ignore them.

Approach them after they’re no longer upset and have your Sim apologize. If it goes over well, you may attempt some more friendly exchanges to see how they react. If you’re feeling good, keep continuing until the red bar disappears, and the green bar appears.

You can converse with them, go to other attractions with them, and participate in various activities. You won’t be able to become Best Friends or even Decent Friends with the other Sim for a long time without utilizing Cheat Codes, so don’t think it would be possible to do everything in one day.

You’ll be free to question your Sim’s ex to be Bestest Pals after the Friendship bar hits about 60%. The scenario will be concluded, and you will receive 5,000 Satisfaction Points if they accept.

Outcome #3

The simplest method to finish the scenario would be to start dating someone fresh. Your Sim does not have to communicate with their ex. You have the option to dismiss them just soon as the task begins.

To find true love with somebody else, you have to talk to them and connect until your friendship gauge is high enough to become Flirty and then evolve into a relationship.

Three-quarters filled Friendship, and Romance meters will give you Soulmate status. This may be accomplished through conversing about common interests, asking them over to your home, spending time with them often, and giving them presents.

It’s OK to be using a Flirty engagement with them if the Friendship meter is roughly half-filled. As a result, the Romance bar will begin to rise. When the bar is about a third filled, you can reveal your desire to them by embracing, flirting, and admiring their attractiveness.

You may then invite them to somehow be your companion and even hand over the keys to your house. Maintain a steady stream of friendly encounters to increase both meters till the scenario is finished automatically.

Too Many Toddlers Scenario

Too Many Toddlers is a Sims 4 scenario in which you must provide all of the attention, care, and affection required by a group of toddlers to survive. Players must make one Young Adult and three Toddlers to accomplish the Too Many Toddlers Scenario. Before their birthdays, all three Toddlers must earn level three in four separate Skills. This scenario has just one conceivable outcome: Talented Toddlers. You should learn how to age up toddlers in Sims 4 if things go south and become too much for you to handle.

To begin, players should choose Sims 4 Traits that would simplify the challenge while creating their household in “Create A Sim.” Clingy and Independent are the ideal selections for toddlers since they will help them acquire their skills faster. Traits like Family Oriented and Childish will not benefit the Young Adult much, but they will encourage parents to teach their Toddlers skills.

Choose a Lot from whatever World to begin the adventure. Then,  purchase Wabbit Tablets for every Toddler, which will help to improve communication, imagination, movement, and thinking skills. As a result, players are not needed to get many items for each Skill.

Simmers can also upgrade the Potty Skill instead of focusing solely on the previously listed Skills. Toddlers who have reached level 2 in potty training no longer require assistance from an adult and may go it alone. The Toddler’s Potty Skill will be maximized when they achieve level three.

Communication is a skill that may be leveled up quickly. Toddlers can talk to one another or even to themselves, which will raise the bar for Communication. Speaking to a stuffed toy can also help you quickly level this Skill.

A toddler’s imagination may swiftly rise to new heights whenever a toddler is in a happy mood. Aside from the tablet, youngsters may play with toys, and dollhouses, watch TV or listen to a tale read by their parents.

Movement, like Communication, is a skill that can be learned quickly. Toddlers can stroll about the home or dance to music on the speakers. The last one will not only improve their Movement Skill but will also satisfy their thirst for fun.

Lastly, the Thinking Skill may be improved in a variety of ways. Players can encourage parents to utilize Notecards with the toddlers to improve their thinking skills while also satisfying their children’s need for fun and attention.

The Too Many Toddlers Scenario would be completed when all three Toddlers attain rank 3 on any four of the Skills listed above, and players will be awarded 5,000 Reward Points.

Perfectly Well Rounded Scenario

The Scenario Perfectly Well Rounded requires players to make one Young Adult, give them five pals, level out three random Skills, and fulfill their chosen Aspiration.

Simmers can pick any Aspiration because the scenario does not impose one on them. Players can pick easy options such as Friend of the World, Bodybuilder, Soulmate, Joke Star, and Leader of the Pack to make things easier.

They must also select Traits that will aid them in achieving their Aspiration and overcoming the difficulty. The Good and Proper Traits, for example, will aid in Leader of the Pack and Friend of the World aspirations. To begin the Scenario, Sims 4 players must choose a Lot after deciding on a Life Goal.

Generally, The Sims 4 offers many Skills, making it difficult for players to decide which ones to level up. In this situation, though, the solution is straightforward.

All they have to do now is select Skills that will assist them in achieving their Life Goal. For the Soulmate, Friend of the World,  Joke Star Aspirations, Charisma, and Comedy will help in friendly and romantic talks.

Players that are having trouble completing this Sims 4 task can utilize cheats. To begin, they must first unlock the Cheat Box by tapping:

  • Ctrl+Shift+C for Pc
  • Command+Shift+C for Mac
  • R1+R2+L1+L2 for Console

After that, write Testingcheats True or Testingcheats On to activate the cheats.

In the Cheat Console, type ModifyRelationship Sim1 Sim2 Amount LTR_Friendship_Main to make friends with other Sims. Sim1 is the Sim that the players are in charge of, while Sim2 is the one they attempt to befriend.

Relationship Points are represented by the amount, which can range from 1 to 100. ModifyRelationship Bella Goth Eliza Pancakes 50 LTR_Friendship_Main will boost Bella and Eliza’s Friendship to 50.

When it comes to Skills cheating, it all relies on the Simmers’ preferences. The cheat stats.set_skill_level Major_skillname amount is used by most skills.

Others, on the other hand, have their cheat. Players in The Sims 4 must enter stats.set skill level Major Acting 10 to max out the Acting Skill.  The Knitting Skill may be maxed up by using stats.set_skill_level AdultMajor_Knitting 10. The cheat for Aspiration is Aspirations.Complete_Current_Milestone.

It’s not required to name the Aspiration players that were chosen. They only need to input it into the Cheat Box and continue the process until all of the Milestones have been completed.

The scenario would be declared complete if they have completed all of the challenge’s conditions, and they will get 5,000 Reward Points. A short piece of advice for Simmers who choose the Soulmate Aspiration is that if the Sim marries their BFF, the scenario will be canceled if they move in together.

Surviving the Holidays Scenario

Surviving the Holidays is an intriguing Sims 4 scenario that asks you to either make a hated roommate into an “enemy with benefits” or entirely bury the hatchet.

Players must make two Young Adults in the Survive The Holidays Scenario, and they must survive living together for a certain holiday. It’s similar to Finding Love After A Breakup in that both Scenarios include two Sims that hate one other.

For this scenario, there are two possible outcomes:

  • No Hard Feelings
  • Love To Hate You.

In the first, players must make the two Sims be friends while avoiding any unpleasant feelings. On the other hand, the second one needs the Sims to be romantically involved, but only as rivals with benefits.

No Hard Feelings

When creating the Sims, the first task is to choose relevant Traits. Friendly Traits are critical in this scenario for having two Sims accept each other. For example, outgoing, Good, and Proper will guarantee that amicable contacts are successful.

Players must choose a home after forming their family. It doesn’t matter if the Sims resides in the World or Lot as long as they live together. Players will observe no unhappy or angry moodlets when they arrive, and the two appear to be OK. They should seize this chance to strike up a cordial conversation.

However, be aware that the Sims will have terrible moodlets after a short period. Players must put the dialogue on hold when this occurs and allow the two Young ones to manage their emotions. Using mirrors is a simple way to get rid of negative moodlets.

Start a chat as soon as the two have good feelings like Happy and Playful. Repeat this stage until both Sims’ Friendship Bars have a reasonable quantity of Relationship Points. Both become Best Friends after a while, and the task is completed.

Love to Hate You

Both Young Adults must be flirty to get this result. Selecting a Romantic Trait in Create A Sim is the first step in achieving this result (CAS). If players don’t want to use this Trait, there are other ways to make them Flirty:

  • Taking a hot shower
  • Listening to romantic music
  • Purchasing a reward potion

It’s futile to try to make friends with them first. To accomplish the second result, they must remain adversaries. Pick encounters from the Romance Section to load up the Romance Meter while both Sims are Flirty.

This Bar is Pink, although the Friendship Bar remains Red, as players will observe. Don’t worry, and this is exactly what Simmers requires.

When the Pink Bar is full of Relationship Points, and the Friendship Meter is red, both Sims become lovers who despise each other, and the scenario is over. However, the scenario may not be recorded as complete in some circumstances. The Red Friendship Meter is dwindling as you make romantic decisions.

Simmers must choose from the Mischief Category to get negative Relationship Points after filling the Pink Bar in this circumstance. Picking from the Mean option will deduct points from the Romance Meter.

Playing The Sims 4 Limited Timed Scenarios

Scenarios that are only accessible for a limited period will frequently be featured alongside the two regular ones. As the name implies, players only have a limited amount of time, generally, just a few days, to finish the task before it vanishes forever. You must check for Limited Timed Scenarios regularly.

How to Play Limited-Time Scenarios Upon Expiry

If you have a saved campaign with the scenario still very much in progress, you may carry on playing any time-limited Scenario when it is no longer available. So, if you want to ensure you have enough time to appreciate the task, clone your game as soon as you start playing and keep a “clean” backup in your Saved Games folder. That way, you may theoretically go back to the beginning of the task once it has officially finished,  provided you wouldn’t lose the save.

Furthermore, if you unplug your computer from the net, hitting the New Scenario button can provide you access to a comprehensive list of all Scenarios currently in the game code. This contains all of the ones that are timed. You may begin any of them if you can view them. Just don’t let on to EA that we told you. It was the bird, remember?

Scenarios Rewards

In The Sims 4, completing a scenario awards the entire home with thousands of Satisfaction Points. At the in-game Reward Store, you may spend Satisfaction Points for enhanced characteristics and strong remedies.

Scenarios Not Working

It’s possible that Scenarios aren’t functioning for you. The “New Scenario” button produces a clicking sound as if it were about to open, but nothing happens. The game isn’t crashing or anything like that. You just cannot access the situations. The modifications, particularly the tool mod, must be updated to address this issue.

Another option is to follow the procedures outlined below to resolve the problem:

  • Copy the Sims4 folder from Documents\ElectronicArts to an external disc or another location. This is only a fallback in case something goes wrong. For the next several stages, you won’t need this folder.
  • In Documents\ElectronicArts, rename theSims4 folder to Sims4 Backup.
  • After renaming your game, repair the game in Origin by right-clicking on it.
  • Put on a fresh game and begin playing. All your saved games will vanish, your preferences will be returned to factory defaults, and all of your custom stuff will vanish, but never from your backup. In your documents\ElectronicArts folder, a fresh Sims 4 folder will have been created. Some directories may be absent because they are typically created when needed.
  • Check to see if the problem has been resolved.

Replace your saved game and try again if it works. Put the following items from your backup into the newly formed folder if it still works.

  • Do it one by one to make sure they all still work.
  • ini or just re-set all your settings manually
  • Tray Folder
  • Custom content like clothing, hair, skins, and make-up.
  • Screenshots/Videos/Custom music
  • Rest of the save games. Leave out, which is the autosave and no longer needed.
  • ConfigOverride if you have your configuration files.

The remainder doesn’t need to be replaced because they’re largely cache files that need to be recreated or log files that aren’t required for the game to run.

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