The Quarry Blood Pact: How To Infect Every Character

Blood Pact is an achievement in The Quarry that requires you to infect every character during the storyline. You will probably need to do multiple playthroughs through Chapter Select because there is also the Rough Night achievement that requires you to save all characters.

The way to infect someone is to have them get mauled or bitten by the monster. If the right choices are made during a particular sequence of events, every character in the game will find themselves in the waiting claws of the monster.

The following guide will show you what those choices are and how to infect every character in The Quarry.

How To Infect Every Character In The Quarry

Take note that there are three characters who you will not need to infect. Laura, Max, and Nick will get infected automatically as the narrative unfolds.

Below are the rest of the characters who you need to infect to unlock the Blood Pact achievement.

How To Infect Abigail

You need to help Nick survive a monster attack in Chapter 3 to infect Abigail.

When you see Nick under attack, help him to get away. This will have the monster come at you next. Here, just get the monster off and run away from that place.

Now, keep on running, press R-Up, and get through the Smash event. You will arrive at a point where you stop next to a tree. Make sure that you do not climb the tree. You just need to fail the Hold Breath event to get Abigail infected.

How To Infect Emma

While searching for a bag in Chapter 4, the monster will fall from above. Here, you will have to use the taser against him and then take his photo.

Now run away, press R-Down, and go through the Smash event. Now, you will again come across the monster, so press R-Up two times and spray him.

Now, press R-Down, and block the door while the monster is trying to get inside the hut. You will have to use the trapdoor as there is no way out.

When the monster gets inside the hut, fail the second QTE and press R-Right. Now, fail the Smash event and press R-Up while you are struggling with the monster. This will be enough to infect Emma.

How To Infect Dylan

You need to firstly calm down Dylan in Chapter 5. His arm will be severely injured, and he will be terrified. Dylan will ask you to cut his arm off but you must refuse. Saying no to the amputation will be the way to infect Dylan.

How To Infect Jacob

You must make sure that you throw dirt at the monster in Chapter 3 as Jacob. That will help you get him infected later on.

In Chapter 6, fail the first QTE while fighting the monster. Now, run and go through the Smash event. You will then come across a point where you get injured because of the blades emerging from the ground. At this point, go for Pry Open instead of Pull Free to get Jacob infected.

How To Infect Ryan

In Chapter 9, choose the Sympathetic option. When you are asked to fix your injured arm, you should accept the offer. Now, do not pull away when the girl attempts to approach your arm. This will get Ryan infected.

How To Infect Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn can be infected in Chapter 9 as well. She will try to sit in the car that fell from above. At this point, you should choose the path to Warn Kaitlyn instead of Car Lift and R-Up.

Next, you should Slam the Car instead of choosing the Sound Horn. Kaitlyn will fall from the car and monster will attack again. Now, you must fail the QTE to get Kaitlyn infected.

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