The Outer Worlds The Illustrated Manual Quest Guide

This guide contains all the useful information and help you need about The Illustrated Manual for your journey in The Outer Worlds

In The Outer World there are some Main Quests which you need to complete no matter what in order to progress through the main storyline, The Illustrated Manual is such a companion quest. We have compiled a complete walkthrough of the quest to help you with all the objectives.

The Outer Worlds The Illustrated Manual

You will get this quest by talking to Vicar Max in Edgewater and when you ask him about the journal he will tell you his interest and the location to the book collector’s house.

After getting Parvati as your new companion in The Outer World and talking to Reed you will get this optional objective to talk to Vicar Max. Max seems very uninteresting guy at first but he isn’t what he seems to be and you will come to know this when you talk to him.

Vicar Max will ask you for a quest and in return, he’ll join you as a new companion. He will be in a church as Parvati describes the cleanest place in town. It is towards the east side of the town. Just go there and talk to Vicar Max, as he wants you to get banned heretical book, the Journal of M. Bakonu, from a nearby collector’s place.

Now just travel to the Edgewater and towards the abandoned outpost. If your stealth is not high you need to defeat Marauder enemies in the area. You can loot the area in addition to picking the item.

Access the terminal that belongs to Clement Elridge, it will give you some insight on the game’s theology. Examine the nearby hand terminal after getting through the door and read the collector’s letter. It will tell you the location of the cave where the collector has stashed his books and you will gain 2400xp as a quest reward.

This cave is near the Transport Wreckage shown on your map. After you get to the area it will be shown on the map as River Hideout. Watch out for the traps and pick the vault to find the journal of M. Bakonu. And when you return that journal you will get further 4800xp.

Now Max will be upset by seeing that the book is in French and he was hoping the book to be helpful in solving the plan. He will ask you if he can be of any use to your crew in order to get off-planet in search of a translator.

Completing this quest will reward you with significant Reputation increase with Spacer’s Choice faction, 6000+Xp and unlocks Vicar Max as a companion.