The Outer Worlds Foundation Quest Guide

Learn how to complete the main story mission Foundation in this Outer Worlds guide to help Adjutant Akande fix the colony's resource problem

Foundation is one of the main quests that you have to do in order to progress in the main story of The Outer Worlds. Adjutant Sophia Akande believes that all the resources of the colony are being leeched by Edgewater and he wishes to wipe the whole town out. This guide will tell you how you can go about completing this quest.

The Outer Worlds Foundation

You will have to remove Reed from power while you are doing the quest “Comes Now the Power” in order to obtain this quest.

You also need to complete the quest Signal Point in Space to start this one. You could also start this quest if you have finished Lost Signal when you get it while you are doing The City and the Stars.

Starting this quest you will have to go to Edgewater Landing Pad and then go to Geothermal power Plant using fast travel. When you get there you need to talk to Captain Hogarth. These will be your options:

  1. Persuade (65) him
  2. Lie (65) to him
  3. Lie (25) to him using a Constables Badge if you have one.

After that, you need to go ahead to the nav marker and use the terminal to make all the automechanicals attack the citizens of Edgewater which would be the default.

You can also make them attack themselves by using New Target. After that, you will execute either command which will kill all the civilians there.

When that is done you can travel back to Edgewater to see if all the citizens are dead and take out the automechanicals there. After doing that you can go back to Sophia to get your reward which is XP, 2500 Bit Cartridges and Positive Reputation with The Board.

The quest, “Kept Secret but Not Forgotten” will be unlocked and you will get the Trophy/ Achievement “Ludwig Was Right” for this.

This is all you need to do for this quest. If we missed anything let us know. Visit our site for more quest guides. Have fun playing

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