The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 7: Seattle Day 2 Collectibles Guide

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 7: Seattle Day 2 Collectibles Guide has all the information to find every item in the chapter

In this TLOU 2 Chapter 7 Collectibles guide, we will tell you about the locations of all the collectibles and other items in this chapter. The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 7: Seattle Day 2 Collectibles Guide has all the information to earn you the collectible trophies.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 7: Seattle Day 2 Collectibles

Finding these Chapter 7 collectibles in TLoU 2 can be a little tricky but we are here to make things easier for you.

We will divide these collectibles found in Last of Us 2 Seattle Day 2 in different sections so that you can find them easily.

The Shortcut

There are a total of 11 secrets that you can find in “The Shortcut” section of this chapter including 6 artifacts, 2 workbenches, 1 safe, and 2 coins.

Coin #1
You can find the first coin in Franklin’s Barbershop in the flooded area by jumping across the platforms. It will be around the cash register on the counter.

Artifact #1
You can find the first artifact on the second floor of a building once you have crossed the rapids. You can find this building through Abby because Abby would want to climb this building. You will find this artifact on the floor of the first room you will see when you go right from the staircase, in front of a broken door.

Artifact #2
You can find the second artifact on the table in front of the whiteboard in an apartment. You can access this apartment by jumping from the collapsed road onto the balcony of that apartment in the new building.

Safe #1
After you have found the second artifact collectible, you will find a bedroom in the opposite direction of the whiteboard. There you will find a safe with the combination code: 302304.

Artifact #3
Artifact #3 is found near a dead body in front of the cash register, found in the new building in the rapids.

Workbenches #1
You can find the first Workbench in the same room where you found the artifact# 3. There will be an ‘Interbay Wireless Electric Support’ banner on top of the Workbench.

Coin #2
Coin# 2 will be on the balcony near the rapids. Lev will take you to the building next door when you are in opticians. You will see a window before the blue doors. Go out of the window and you will find yourself on a balcony with a coin.

Artifact #4
Abby will call you a show-off. Look for a red door at that place and beyond that red door, you will find a desk. The artifact will be on that desk near the computers and the lantern.

Workbench #2
You will find a glass window painted with the Scars’ prophet. There you will find a Workbench near the ladder.

Artifact #5
You will find the artifact #5 attached to the wall near the doorway. You just have to follow the corridor once you have exited the elevator,

Artifact #6
Artifact #6 can be found in Abby’s inventory. She received this artifact before this level even started.

The Descent

There are a total of 10 secrets that you can find in “The Descent” section of this chapter including 5 coins, 3 artifacts, 1 weapon, and 1 safe.

Coin #1
At the start of the chapter, you will find several filters in the pool. The Coin will be on top of one of these filters.

Artifact #1
Find the payment counter in the Orchards Juice bar. The Artifact will be attached to a pinboard in the backroom.

Safe #1
You will find a cleaning closet near the gym. Your safe will be on the right side of that closet with combination code: 121879

Artifact #2
Artifact #2 is found from a corpse’s body. For reaching the corpse, you have to go through the door towards the staircase.

Artifact #3
Artifact #3 is also found on the corpse, but this is a different corpse. You have to slide down to the floor and crawl your way through to find this corpse and pick up the collectible.

Weapon #1
Once you have picked up artifact #3, go to the floor below you and go to the weapon using a balance beam.

Coin #2
Once you have fought Shambler, go to the lower floor. An enemy will grab you. There will be a gap opposite to a table that will lead you into a room. The TLOU 2 coin collectible will be there.

Coin #3
Once you have fought with Shambler, go down the lift shaft to level 5 and look for a vending machine. Smash the vending machine to get your hands on the coin.

Coin #4
Explore the Central bar area after sliding down into the courtyard. The Coin will be beneath the counter right next to the cash register.

Coin #5
Instead of going into the hospital, move through the tall grass on your right to find the coin in the building.

Ground Zero Collectibles

There are a total of 8 secrets that you can find in the “Ground Zero” section of this chapter including 1 Workbench, 2 coins, and 5 artifacts.

Coin #1
Look for a fire extinguisher in the hospital dining area. The Coin will be right next to the cash register behind the counter.

Artifact #1
Search for the surgery equipment by going downstairs. Look for the filing cabinets on the right just before going downstairs.

Crawl under these cabinets to enter a room where you will find the artifact, right next to the corpse.

Artifact #2
Artifact #2 is in a brown bag which can be found right next to the corpse and you can find this corpse by going to the lower level once you have gone downstairs.

The corpse will be slumped against a turnstile.

Artifact #3
Near the turnstiles, there will be a hospital chapel. The artifact will be near the candle stands on the altar.

Artifact #4
Find the consultation room in the ER Area and find the artifact on the bed.

Artifact #5
Go to the second open room on your left in the quarantined surgery area. The artifact will be on the desk.

Workbench #1
Near artifact #5, there will be a hole in the wall which will lead you to the generator. Restart the generator to power the electronic doors. The Workbench will be on the left of the generator.

Coin #2
Once you have fought the Rat King and its companion, lift the gate to go to the hospital car parking. Smash the glass window on your left to get the collectible coin.

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