The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 1: Jackson Walkthrough

This guide is a complete walkthrough of The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 1: Jackson to get you started with this emotional journey

Chapter 1: Jackson is the first chapter of The Last of Us 2 and the beginning of an exciting and emotional journey. This guide is a complete walkthrough of The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 1: Jackson. All the main story guidelines are covered here

There is a lot to learn in this chapter and we will describe all that you need to know in order to make your way to the next one. If you want to know about the locations of any Collectibles, check out our Chapter 1 Collectibles guide.

The Last of Us Part 2 Chapter 1: Jackson


The first portion of Chapter 1 of TLoU 2 contains the Prologue. Most of this part contains just cutscenes and all you will have to do is to follow Tommy on your horse.

Eventually, you will get to a guitar-playing segment which you can do by selecting the highlighted notes.

You can select the notes with the left joystick and strum the chords by swiping across the touchpad on your controller.

Waking Up

Waking Up is in fact where the game actually lets you take control. Ellie here will be going on a patrol with Dina but first she needs to talk to Jesse and Maria.

Get to the Ellie’s desk and pick her jacket up. Then head through the door picking up the knife from besides the table and follow Jesse. After exiting the greenhouse with Jesse, you will reach the main street.

Follow Jesse towards the Tipsy Bison look on the opposite side of the street. Now enter the Tipsy Bison bar and a cut scene will be triggered with Maria. Now go ahead further into the bar.

Exit the bar then and follow Jesse and Maria. Talk to Dina then and you will have to take the kids to the snowball fight. You will have to get 10 hits on the kids in order to progress.

Follow Dina further then and take your horse by interacting with the rope.

The Overlook

Head forward and turn right. Make your way ahead and reach the higher ground by jumping over the ledge. Once you reach the top, you will have to sprint jump to the next area.

Climb down the mountain then and keep onto the left. You will have to crawl to get past the branches which you can do by going prone.

As you go ahead, you will find trails of bodies leading you to narrow passages. There will be some hurdle in the way and you will have to squeeze through it in order to make your way further.

As you do so, you will have to face the first enemy. You will also be shown on-screen prompts on how to fight, so you won’t face much troubles.

Once you have dealt with the first enemy, continue further and you will face some more enemies.

Heal yourself once you have dealt with them and then head into the garage by jumping on the trash cans. Make your way through the laundry room and make sure to pick the ammo from the counter there.

As you go further ahead, you will see another enemy. Shoot him immediately while you are still prone to have an easy kill. Crawl out of the building then and continue ahead.

Now turn the corner around the house and get into the next one through an open window.

Get into the hall of the house and you will find a note on a table by the window in the small home office.

Now get into the next building and squeeze yourself through the narrow opening. Here you will have a tutorial on the stealth kills.

Follow the instructions and do your stealth killings. Get to the bedroom next door if you need to collect more ammo.

Now crouch and make your way through the stairs. Two more runners will be waiting for you there.

There is also one wandering in the kitchen and one in the garage.

So, stay on stealth mode and kill them all using the same stealth technique to avoid their attention and save ammo.

Leave through the garage then and go towards the wooden door nearby to jump over it. This area will be full of runners.

Take cover and use both stealth and shooting to kill all of them. As you go ahead, you will face some more of them. Use the same ‘Take cover and kill’ technique to deal with all of them.

You will then see a narrow opening head. Head forward and squeeze through it. Abby will make an observation and the next section will begin.

The Horde

This is the area where you have to get back to safety. Run through the area of the storage containers and make your way through the ledges on the right.

Run through the river then and keep avoiding the infected ones. Run over the metal fence and slip through the gap in the fence.

May your way up through the stairs and squeeze through the fence and the wall. You will have to follow your comrades from here.  Make your way out through the locker room in the end.

In the next area, there will be a lot of infected to deal with, but your primary concern should be protecting Tommy.

So, hold them off until Tommy does his task and then head up the gondola. Exit out of the window and run into a cabin.

A cut scene will be triggered then to take you to the next section.

The Chalet

Make a run towards a hole in the wooden fence through the cabin. Continue and walk down the stairs to the living room. From here, get to the basement by going through the kitchen and taking the open door.

A cut scene will then be triggered to take you into the next section.

Packing Up

Stop by the house to get the things you need. It will be upstairs in the shoebox on Joel’s bed.

You may also look at other things to know more about the story and add to your journal entries. These are: The Own mug in the kitchen, Guitar in Joel’s workshop and Joel’s watch in the shoebox which is required to progress and complete TLOU2 Chapter 1.