Where To Find Flame Thrower In The Last Of Us Part 1

All infected enemies in The Last of Us Part 1 are especially weak to fire. Having a Molotov Cocktail, for example, will be a basic requirement when you have to deal with stage-four Bloaters.

If you really want to burn your enemies to a crisp and that too in style, you will need to get the Flamethrower. The following guide will show you how to do that in the game.

Where To Find The Flamethrower In The Last Of Us Part 1

There are two flamethrowers that you can find in the game. If you miss out on the first one, you will have a second opportunity.

The first flamethrower can be found in the University chapter. After entering the campus grounds, head to the right side of the facility to come across an open garage. The flamethrower is inside the garage resting on a container.

In case you couldn’t enter the facility for some reason, there’s a second flamethrower near a bunch of Runners on the ground level of a nearby building. The best thing about finding this flamethrower is that you will be able to test it out on the Runners in the area.

Both flamethrowers are only available in the University chapter, which figures because the weapon appears to have been crafted by students.

How To Use The Flamethrower

The flamethrower is a deadly weapon to best any type of infected in The Last of Us Part 1. The only problem with it is its range. You will need to get in close. Thankfully, a few upgrades down the road will improve that range for you to spit fire in a larger radius from a safe distance.

Since the flamethrower is a close-range weapon, the best way to use it is by luring the enemy towards you instead of rushing after them. Once they are close, set the ground on fire. This makes sure that you cover the maximum area and any enemy inside will automatically be set ablaze.

Simply hold the trigger for a couple of seconds and aim at the floor till it catches fire. Remember to control your zeal because a flamethrower requires fuel and simply holding on to the trigger can consume a lot of fuel. Only use as much as you need to set a place on fire.

Below are the upgrades available for the flamethrower and the number of supplies required.

Reload Speed (2x upgradeable)

  • Level 1, Tools Level 1, 20x Parts.
  • Level 2, Tools Level 4, 40x Parts.

Range (1x upgradeable)

  • Level 1, Tools Level 4, 40x Parts.

Power (1x upgradeable)

  • Level 1, Tools Level 5, 60x Parts.

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