The Last Of Us Part 1 Cheats & Exploits

The Last of Us Part 1 has a few exploits or cheats that were never fixed during the original release....

The Last of Us Part 1 has a few exploits or cheats that were never fixed during the original release. These still exist in the Remastered version of the game, meaning that you are free to make use of them for some little added help.

Craft unlimited Shivs

The Last of Us Part 1 has a famous exploit that allows you to craft as many Shivs as you need. For reasons unknown, this glitch was never fixed in the Remastered version.

Shivs are important items in the game. You need them to open certain doors, such as the ones hiding supplements, and as a stealth weapon when sneaking up on enemies. You can only use a Shiv up to three times. The unlimited Shiv exploit finishes that durability concern.

The first step is to equip any upgraded melee weapon. Then find another melee weapon on the ground which does not require to be upgraded. Do not pick that weapon up, at least not yet.

What you need to do is swap your upgraded melee weapon for the melee weapon on the ground, and then quickly swap them back.

If you swapped it the right away, you will be able to craft a Shiv out of nothing. Now keep repeating the steps to craft all the Shivs you need from your crafting section.

Switch difficulty to stock unlimited ammo and supplies

If you are playing the Last of Us Part 1 on hard difficulty, you will have an equally hard time finding enough ammunition and supplies. That is the whole point of ramping the difficulty level. You will have to save your ammunition, rely more on stealth, and opt for melee attacks where possible.

There is, however, a little exploit that was never fixed in the game.  You can switch to easy difficulty mid-game to stock up on all the ammunition and supplies you need before returning back to hard difficulty.

For whatever reason, the game allows you to do that, so you are free to make use of that exploit to have enough ammo for your El Diablo.

Unlock any difficulty for NG+

There is a way to unlock any difficulty you want for the New Game Plus mode.

First, unlock New Game+ by beating the game. Then start an NG+ game and play through the prologue or hometown chapter.

Once you reach chapter 2 where you are in control of Joel, pause the game and it will autosave. Then quit to the game’s main menu.

After that go to the Chapters and select the first chapter. This will allow you to select any difficulty for your NG+ playthrough.

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